mary-kate's chanel

  1. i loved kirsten dunst's red caviar classic double chain flap bag. so i went to south coast plaza and asked for it but they said they only have the perforated one right now. but im going to vegas next week and hoping ill find one there. are red classic flaps rarer than jst black and white ones?

    i was looking through the celeb thread and pretty much fell in love with mary-kate's mysterious chanel and i cant figure out what the name of the model is! im pretty sure i read a thread on the same issue, but i cant even find that thread right now. good god. can anyone help me??? and which one do you ladies prefer...the red medium caviar classic flap or the mary-kate bag (if i can find it anywhre, that is)???? thanks!!!!!!1:heart: :heart:


  2. that MK one is vintage.
  3. The current red lambskin flap with the new chain is gorgeous! I would recommend that one.
  4. gosh i love MK's vintage flap. and i love the color too. thanks for showing this photo. and chanelboy, i think i would go for the one you recommended. thanks~
  5. I love her vintage bag!