Mary Kate's Chanel in US magazine...

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  1. Does anyone know what the style name of the Chanel bag that Mary Kate Olsen carries in the Fashion Police section in US magazine (with Britney and her shaved head cover page)?
  2. if you could scan the pictures, it would be helpful! =)
  3. it might be her red classic flap? doesn't she have one of those?
  4. Dont have a scanner and try the dig camera but flash is ugh-ly. It's a tote bag with the chain leather handle, it seems that it has a magnetic closure on top
    and a very small cc metal logo in the bottom of the bag.
  5. is it the black lambskin one with the oversized chain straps that she's been carrying for years? i had one and it's several years old (sorry, don't know the name). i'll try and dig up and pic.
  6. ooh, i think i know which one maybe. is it the one in the Celebs w/ chanel thread (under reference)? if so, it is vintage.
  7. here is the bag i'm thinking of but in blue:

  8. found it!

  9. that was the bag i was thinking about too! i remember others asking about this bag, and some other Pfers said it was vintage. I'm not too sure though...
    btw, gorgeous bag kicksarefortwids
  10. i bought mine in a consignment store a few years ago and i vaguely remember calling the 1/800 number and being told that this line came out in early 2000.
  11. this bag, love that heavy chain handle! :drool:

    Kicks, your bag is TDF!:heart:
  12. I love that bag. The blue is gorgeous!! Is there any way still to get them?
  13. Such a pretty bag.
  14. Yup thats the one. Its so adorable :drool:
  15. Gorgeous. Love that blue!