Mary-Kate: Smoking & Driving

  1. :yucky: :rant:
    marykateolsensmoking.jpg marykateolsensmoking2.jpg
  2. first mel gibson now this??? I'm sorry, I have alot of friends who smoke and drive. am I missing something?
  3. What's up with smoking and driving anyways???
  4. ^ My SO used to do this. I made him quiet immediately, it is NOT attractive.
  5. smoking is just gross!
  6. i dont know whats the big deal..
  7. It's not a big deal...just very bad for your health
  8. I don't get it either....:shrugs:
    She isn't doing anything wrong....smoking isn't illegal...yet....
  9. Speaking on your mobile phone and driving is illegal. Is smoking and driving as well? :S

    Smoking is yucky but as you can't smoke in most places in LA I guess smokers have to find other places to smoke. ie the car!
  10. It makes the car stinky, for one ... ;) My MIL used to smoke & drive all the time, but quit when it became obvious that it actually contributed to deterioration of the inside of the car.

    I've never seen a pic of MK smoking before - is this a new development or has she smoked for a long time?
  11. I think smoking may have something to do with the pressure to be thin?
  12. yep just like that it'S not my problem but it's very bad for her health she is so young:sad:
  13. Yeah I'm not seeing the big deal about this either (other than it's bad for your health). Every smoker I know smokes while they drive (I used to do it when I smoked).
  14. When I used to drive, i smoked all the time...

    in LA, there's SO MUCH TRAFFIC :rant:, like an hour and 1/2 for 1.5 mile type of traffic that i guess people tend to smoke more there? LOL

    At least it's nothing illegal! (the other thing that Cali is known for) :whistle:
  15. wow i never knew she drove! hahaha she looks cute.