Mary Kate Olsen's red bag

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  1. hi, does anyone know the brand of this red clutch i have seen mary kate olsen carrying lately?

  2. don't know but she looks really cute there~!
  3. there ws a post about this...i think it's bottega venetia
  4. Its Bottega!
  5. Ashley can look so polished!! I wish she stuck with this then the boho garbage bags.
  6. im not really sure but frm the leather,should b bottega
  7. is that suede?
  8. does anyone know the name of this bag and the price?
  9. it looks like Bottega Venetta, its beautiful:smile:
  10. thats a bottega veneta clutch its sooo nice i love BV bags :love: :love: :love:
  11. Is this from the Barneys Balenciaga party?
  12. yes
  13. Yup - I think it's a Bottega Veneta too.

    Actually, ive just replied to another post just now - so might as well tell you about it too.

    It's on a website I use for most of my fashion shopping nowadays - here's the link.


    I dont know if its the same style - I dont think it is - but the weave thing is definitely there.


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