Mary-kate Olsen's gold rolex???

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  1. hi :smile:
    does anyone know which model full gold rolex mary-kate wears all the time? is it mens/womens and roughly what would the price be
    i would love a gold rolex but am looking for this one right now ... depending on how it looks in person if anyone can find it?:biggrin:
  2. a gold datejust 36mm starts around 25,000USD. I think the Daytona's start just north of that - 29,000USD.

    If it helps.. I think she is wearing the 36mm daytona rather than 40mm.
  3. I thought the Daytona only comes in 40mm?
  4. is mary-kate's watch definitly a daytona?
  5. Are you buying both a gold rolex and a diamond at the same time? Someone should give you a heck of a discount!!!!
  6. :P oh nooo i wish i had that kind of money
    i'm trying to decide which to buy/save up for first
    i don't know which is more important , maybe i'll have a very small diamond and save for the watch not sure
    sorry i sound like im throwing cash around im really not, im going to have to probably save for years lol

  7. JMO Get the watch first.
    Love MK's watch
  8. It only comes in 40 as far as I know/
  9. this is the Rolex Daytona, in 18k yellow gold. The Daytona only comes in 40mm. The reference number of this watch is 116528. The current price of this watch is $29,500. You should be able to get a good discount on it though!
  10. I think I'd want the diamond first. :smile:
  11. does anyone know if it's available in the UK?
    thanks for all the posts
  12. MK's rolex is definitely a Daytona. It only comes in one size and it's really expensive. If you want a full gold watch by Rolex you can check out the daydate or datejust. They're both beautiful and a lot cheaper than the Daytona.
  13. That's a gold Daytona with black face for sure!! It only comes in one size which is mens 40mm.