Mary Kate Olsen's Chanel?

  1. Does anyone recognize the style of Chanel that Mary Kate is holding?

    Photo from
  2. haha... I was about to post this too! Does anyone know the answer? I love how the bag is classic yet a bit "funky".
  3. Thanks lily for the links!

    hmm... seems like the bag is old and not in retail stores anymore and there was no name or sku# or some sort of model# to quote to even look for it elsewhere... oh booo.. :crybaby:
  4. Sorry for the redundant thread...I don't hang out in the subforum very often :shame: .
  5. I love that bag. I wish I could get my hands on one!
  6. Oh my Filth! Their heads are disproportioned with their bodies! I like the bag but, can't stop looking at how odd they look.
  7. SuLi, don't feel bad about asking! :heart: I just pointed out the other threads because I figured that you probably wanted to see what responses were posted in the past. :yes:
  8. mMmm i love that bag!!!!

    theres a bag in the modern chain line that somewhat reminds me of that bag!
  9. I love this bag!!! Too bad this is no longer available in store and I am not going to try eBay, I am too nervous to buy chanel bags in eBay! But this bag is very nice and hope they will re-make it!
  10. This is OT, but why do they walk around pursing their lips like that?
  11. wow nice!
  12. LOL, Raspberry!!
  13. not my kind of bags