Mary Kate doesnt respect Balenciaga

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  1. Woah! Look at the purple stain on the bottom. Maybe she likes the "worn in" look? It's a beautiful color, though!
  2. I think she's going for the "I don't give a f___" look. :tispy:
  3. Balenciagas are meant to look broken into with a vintage effect... this bag definitely has met that standard~!
  4. :roflmfao: that "I don't give a f___ look" is pricey huh?
  5. I know! Their "homeless chic" look takes thousands of dollars to achieve! :weird: I'm making fun of them but I actually love seeing what they come up with next. They both seem like they're having alot of fun with fashion and taking risks which I appreciate.:yes:
  6. omg, I would never let one of my bags get that dirty!
  7. i have not seen this infamous bag in a long time. well...what can i say? at least she is still using it.
  8. I have to say I must give props to MK for carrying that bag even though it went through hell. I'm not sure I would. Maybe I haven't had a bag I love that much...or maybe b/c I can't pull off red-stained bags?
  9. I am sorry- you couldn't pay me Enough to wear a badly stained with red bag. UGH!
    I have a Coach with the vachetta on the bottom, it has a water ring on it , I haven't worn it since. I think I have issues with clothing with stains on it.
    I guess there's probably a "pill" for my condition:nuts:
  10. LoL...I didn't realize there was a whole thread on this! I just posted something on the celeb thread regarding it:

    Also, I'm wondering if her disheveled look is at all related to her recent uncharacteristic partying behavior:
  11. Wow what a well loved bag...just goes to show the many ways to wear a bag? IMO, it's all's real and it's loved... "you go girl, MK!"
  12. I don't know if I would use that bag with that stain on it, but she may have a sentimental attachment to the bag, and I can understand that!
  13. haha theres a fine line between hobo and high fashion!
  14. As long as she doesn't put it on eBay, as 'Gently used, about two, or three, times.', I don't really mind! :nogood: :lol:
  15. fair enough if she carries her fave bag for years, wears it in and breaks it in, but a stained bag and especially so visibly stained is not chic in any way to me, hobo or not hobo. :nogood: