Mary Kate doesnt respect Balenciaga

  1. this picture makes me angry.. look at the shape of MK's Balenciaga bag!!!!!!!!
  2. I actually like that she uses the hell out of it and doesn't then toss it aside. God knows she can afford to toss it, but instead keeps and uses it. That's true love!
  3. What a mess - anyone that didn't know her would think she was a homeless person.
  4. Well, look how she treats her's disgusting and fried..why should she treat her bag any better?
  5. That poor bbag!!
  6. I agree :yes:.
  7. it also goes to show you how long a Balenciaga lasts... she's had it forever and obviously doesn't baby it and her bag is still going strong!
  8. ewwww... look at the awful red stain on the corner! poor bag!
  9. Totally 100% agree. Also, it's seafoam.. as someone who has Vert D'eau and uses it tons.. it's VERY hard to keep looking bright shiny new. As mentioned, to me.. this looks like true love! :smile:
  10. That has got to be love!!!! LOL
  11. I agree with deco.. that's love! For someone with tons of money, it's nice to see that she still turns to her (very) worn b-bag every now and then. You don't find too many celebs carrying their accessories or wearing their clothes more than once. I just would never allow my bag to get to that state though because money is not as disposable to me as it is to someone like MK that's for sure!
  12. I agree that the bag looks well loved ... but also that she aimes to look dishevled.
  13. someone with her kind of mula can have disposable Bbags but she is staying true to her Seafoam! You go MK!
  14. I have mixed feelings about the bag. On the one hand, I hate to see a Bbag in this type of sorry condition. On the other hand, I agree with others and love the fact that she has continued to use the same bag until it's practically falling apart. She must really love it to keep schlepping it around town.
  15. I love the fact that she is using the crap out of it! Maybe its her shlepping around bag.