Mary Kate & Ashley Were In Manhattan Today !

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  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were looking ultra chic as they left the 'Today Show' in New York City this morning. The queens of all things teen were on the morning show to discuss their ever-growing clothing company aimed at the tween market.

    The Olsen Twins are launching several new projects to take the brand to the next level.

    Mary Kate and Ashley hit up the 'Today Show' this morning to discuss their upmarket clothing range, as well as plans to grow the "under exploited tween boys" market.

    The pair took over control of their company Dulstar Entertainment group two years ago and have built and empire which is worth over $1 billion in sales a year. Their fashion line for tweens accounts for 80% of the company’s annual revenue.

    When the topic of MK's one-time battle with anorexia came up, the young mogulettes were quick to re-focus the interview on their new fashion line. Quite an awkward television moment.

    [​IMG]CLICK HERE to check out the interview.
  2. I sort of like Ashley's hair dark, she can definitely pull it off.
    The question about MK's eating disorder was a little bit random, the interview could've done without it, IMO.
    Thanks for posting PM!
  3. I like Ashley with the dark hair as well. Thanks for posting!
  4. ^ Me too- dark hair suits her well!
  5. they're so young still but still look older then they really are? not face wise like wrinkles or whatever, but just dress wise.
  6. wow. they are billionaires! i am their age and sometimes i wish i can be a billionaire too. :smile:
  7. Love Ashley's hair!
  8. Thanks for posting. It's too bad that I missed it this morning!
  9. oh they both look great!!!
  10. veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery cute... i adore them .. :kiss:
  11. thank you for posting prada!
  12. Your welcome ladies ! :heart:
  13. I like her with dark hair as well! I think MK and Ashley are good influences on younger girls! They don't go flashing their business(if you know what if mean)! I like what Ash is wearing as well!
  14. They brushed their hair and Ashley is kinda SMILING! Somebody please tell Vlad to check out this photo :shocked:
  15. I LOVE THEM!!!! they are my favorite celebrities EVER!!