Mary-Kate and boyfriend

  1. [​IMG]

    Mary-Kate Olsen grabs a hold of main man Max Snow during the New York Rangers thrilling 3-1 victory over the Montreal Canadiens at New York's Madison Square Garden on Thursday.

    What do you guys think about Max Snow?
    She looks happy...
  2. Ew. They both look like greasebags.
  3. It's nice to see the girl smile.
  4. Well lets see here ! Lets look on the bright side. I like the colour of her lipstick
  5. LOL! Okay...I agree with that.
  6. sigh.....not impressed... but its not about me long as MK is happy I guess I am happy (with a lil tingle of disgust)
  7. barf. Maybe he has a really really nice personality?
  8. least they look cozy and happy.
  9. be positive guys!!
  10. if you chopped his hair off, he kinda reminds me of Matt Perry circa: the chubby years....
  11. Haha...he does!

    Nice to see her happy.
  12. She looks like a ghost :yucky:
  13. At least she is smiling... but that guy??? I mean, seriously...:confused1: But as long as she is happy, we should be happy with her.:yes:
  14. Not the best looking couple around, for sure.
  15. Oh boy, Mary Kate is so naturally beautiful, why does she make herself look so unattractive? And that guy... well.. as long as she's happy.