Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen@a wedding as bridemaids in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 10 Nov.

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  4. what a great place for a wedding :girlsigh:
  5. Absolutely beautiful setting!
  6. They look lovely.
  7. What a romantic place for a wedding, I wish I could get married there...
    Anyway, what the hell is Mary-Kate wearing on her head!?
  8. they look lovely, and what a nice place!
  9. they look beautiful...and they are so short!! aww
  10. thanks for the pics
  11. they look nice love the scenery!

    they look so cute .. however i would KILL to know whom the bride is?
  13. they look wonderful...beautiful wedding
  14. how beautiful! I love them. My bfs sister is going there for her honeymoon.. its freaking gorgeous there!!
  15. love the centerpieces, lol.