Mary Janes?

  1. I am looking for a great pair of high heeled Mary Janes. Any ideas?:idea:
  2. Manolo Blahnik Campari's?
  3. What price range are we talking?
  4. Around $100


  6. Both are sweet! Which do you prefer?


  8. More great stuff thanks! Decisions, decisions
  9. DKNY available on Gotham City Online. Which, BTW, if you have never shopped there is a GREAT site for shoes!

  10. Those look very comfy
  11. On the Steve Madden-I like them both-it would depend on what you planned on wearing them with. If you wanted a nice 'every day" type high heeled mary jane-I would go with the 2nd pair. If you are a bit of a more fancier dresser-wear skirts and such to work-I would go with the 1st pair. Though-if you wear dress pants a lot-the 1st pair would work also.

    On the Aldo shoes-i absolutely LOVE the wedge mary janes and if I didn't have so many wedges all ready-i would buy those myself
  12. I like wedges too! I need more of the real high heels tuff!
  13. NINE WEST:


  14. I love the first pair, do you think they would be to high for every day?
  15. I love every pair in every picture of this thread. I guess it depends on what color you need. I just ordered a pair of Brunomagli Mary Jane's from