Mary Jane Flats Patent Nicole Richie

  1. So what do you all think of the growing trend Mary Jane Flats patent that Nicole Richie wears?? I LOVE THEM!!!! so cute!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    normal_004.jpg yay1.jpg
  2. this is the 3rd and FINAL time I'm going to edit a post of yours for asking for or offering to sell replicas or counterfeit merchandise.:tdown:
    Final warning
  3. Those are real cute and comfortable (as is the case for all Lanvin flats) but IMHO if one wants to wear those with shorts/jumpers she really needs super-skinny/stick legs -- i.e. Nicole Richie legs -- to pull them off. I LOVE them on Nicole too (well I love just about anything & everything Nicole wears) but I know for a fact I can't pull them off unless I lose another 10-15 pounds. I'm sure knock-off versions by Steve Madden, Nine West, etc. will be available soon if not already in stores.
  4. I was just asking if they knew of anything similar not a complete replica!! you misunderstood me!
  5. love em too
  6. anything similar?
  7. Yeah, I just ordered the MJ Lanvins, I can't wait for them to come - save money & go for the Lanvins - Once you try Lanvins I'm sure you'll appreciate them ;)
  8. Good for you! I have the ballet flats of them!
  9. Oh mooks, I've fallen hard for Lanvins...I went for the ballet flats too in ruby, what color do you have? :p
  10. how much are the Lanvins? They look so pretty and comfy!!
  11. They are highly addictive! Be warned.....LOL!

    I have the Mary Jane with the small heel in black patent, the ballet pumps in black high shine patent, the less high shine black patent, silver, black perforated and the also the brown knee high flat boots with buttons on the side. I really like the white ones with silver for this season so may get those :girlsigh:
  12. Depends on the style and colour, they start around $450
  13. I love the blk patent mj w/ the small heel-I had them too but I had to return them...they run so small!!! I LOVED THEM!! that heel height is perfect! What a great collection you have...and SILVER! The crinkly ones? sooo pretty -- Youre the luckiest girl in the world to have calves for those boots!! ;)
  14. I nearly bought my heeled ones online but was out one day and saw them in a store.....just as well as I had to go to a 39.5 and I wear 39 in everything else.

    No the older silver ones, they are more matt than the new ones........which i also love!! The new ones are super-shiney
  15. I think they're awesome. They look so cute!. I've been trying to find a pair like that. No luck so far...:crybaby: