Mary G, Mumar_k, and Vani....Bridgit is here!!!

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  1. The teal Bridgit and the tattersall satchel just arrived!!! :yahoo: I quickly ripped open the Bridgit box, and OMG, OMG, OMG, I LOVE this!!! :love:

    I was not a fan of the new teal leather in the beginning, but I'm TOTALLY on board with it now!! I think sometimes the bag makes the difference to me with a color. I'm so happy!!

    I'll post pics as soon as I can, but it might be a little bit....sorry!!
  2. I cannot wait to see them!
  3. woot woot! can't wait to see pics!!
  4. I cant wait! I went to the my store last night and asked for a new catalog she gave me one and man that bridget is so cute in the catalog. I order those new gingar sandals in brown and decided to wait to order bridget until you post . I dont need her but shes so cute!
  5. Mary G... I gotta run out shortly, but so far I've taken a few pics I can post when I get back!! Sorry to make you wait!! I think they still have between 100-150 in you should be ok to order when you decide.

    I'm now having this urge for the sunflower one, darn it!! :nogood:
  6. I can't wait to see that Bridgit!! It sounds wonderful!!:yes:
  7. Woooooweeeee!! Cant wait to seeeee!!!!
  8. Ok, guys, I'm back and ready to share!!

    Starting with the boxes, etc....

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  9. And now for the unveiling (I suck at strip teasing, so you don't have to wait) :P....

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  10. i love my black bridgit and can't imagine how adorable the teal is....
  11. OMG gorgeous! Love it in this color! :drool:

    I think you are right - as much as I love the Gigi I was not a fan of it in the teal, but on the Bridgit it is just stunning.
  12. is it close the the pond blue?
  13. Gonna post more in a second!!
  14. cute! I wish it was the same teal/turq as my nolee shoes. its such a pretty deep dark color but the lighter teal is perfect for summer!
  15. Ok, as for the color, I think it looks pretty much the same as the shoulder tote they had in the store last time. I wasn't too crazy about this color on the Gigi, not sure why...maybe it was the size and style. I liked the patent turq. Gigi much better.

    This bag seems to change colors slightly in different lights! Sometimes it looks brighter, and sometimes it looks more muted. To give you a comparison, I'm attaching a pic of my Chelsea vintage mineral satchel. The Bridgit is similar in color, but slightly brighter and more green than the mineral is. Also the mineral is a vintage pebble grain leather. Overall, it's the closest comparison that I can find and should give you an idea at least of what you're seeing on your monitor (assuming you've seen the mineral color before!).

    I love it!! Now I'm not sure if I like this or the rose better!!

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