Mary as first name, but go by middle name?

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  1. Mods: If this is the incorrect area, please let me know!!

    My question is this:

    I'm not sure if this is common nowadays, but I know of a few girls my age (24) whose first name by law is Mary, but they use their middle name as their first name. I was just wondering if anyone here knows the tradition behind this? I understand it could be a family namesake, and they use their middle name as to not confuse family members. Or is it because they don't really "like" their first name and choose to go by their middle name?:shrugs:

    For example, in some families of German descent, they may name their daughter Catherine, but she goes by "Cassie".

    Any input?
  2. I know for my friends who use their middle names it's just as you say, to not get confused with family and friends. Some also prefer their middle name/the nickname that comes out of it, or they think their first name is 'boring' and too common.
  3. I used to use my middle name because I hated my first name.
  4. In some cultures or religions it's a tradition to give daughters the first name of Mary but use their middle names.

    I have many Filipino friends who do this. They may even write their names as "Ma. middlename lastname", with Ma. being short for Mary.
  5. I always thought that was a Catholic thing, the Mary being reference to the Virgin Mary, but maybe I'm wrong about that.
  6. I think probably with nuns like "Sister Mary Margaret" etc. Mary, Marie, Maria all variations of Mary
  7. It is definitely a Catholic thing. My mother-in-law and her 2 sisters are all named Mary, but they go by their middle names. Their mother is also Mary but that's what she goes by also. It's kinda silly, but makes for a lot of confusion with mail and things like that.
  8. I have a coworker that has the first name Mary, and she does go by her middle name! Interesting!
  9. My SIL's name is like this. But I believe Ma. for her is Maria rather than Mary. (I personally think Maria is prettier anyway!) She is Filipino and Catholic.
  10. I know Mary's, Maria's, and Emily's who do this (though my closest Maria friend switched from Yanqing to Maria). The names are very common around here, maybe because there are a lot of German Catholics, and they want to avoid confusion.
  11. There are 3 Mary's where I work, but only one uses Mary and the others use their middle names. I think it is an issue of being less confusing from back in the day when every other girl in Catholic schools was named Mary.

    My grandmother never ever used her first name, which she hated. In fact, it was not until I was an adult and I went to visit her in the hospital that I realized the inital she used stood for a name. I also know a couple of men who never use their first names, but go by their middle names because they prefer the middle name.
  12. My mom was named Diana (no middle name) when she was born, but when my grandparents wanted to baptize her, the church said they would only do it if she had a more 'religious' name.

    She was renamed Mary Diana so she could get baptized

    That still remains her legal name, but she goes by Diana.
  13. Catholics often had to name their children after saints to have them baptized, so baby girls would often be named Mary such-and-such and go by their middle names. My mother is like that. I named my 6 week old daughter Mary by the way. I love the name.
  14. illinirdhd- your sig is funny! i took a picture of my clearblue positive test too! ha!

    yea, mary is def a catholic thing!

    my best friend goes by her middle name too cause she hates her middle name. i think she has trouble though with her drivers license and credit cards and stuff. i think she has to use her legal name on her credit cards so it matches her ID.
  15. Hmmm...interesting, my full first name is Mary-Michelle...yes, I have another middle name. My Dad (roman catholic), wanted to name me Mary, more after his sister, Mary, who basically raised him, rather than religious reasons...but mom wanted something more unique, thus the hyphenated name. My mom was vigilante through elementary to keep my name intact, the I continued in JR high...but by the time I hit high school, computers were in full swing, and my name appeared as Mary Mic on the rolls and everyone was always getting it wrong...all of a sudden it become more of an effort than it was worth, so I became 'just' Mary...until I was 22, I was starting a new job and filling out my paper work...explaining that my legal first name was Mary-Michelle, but I just went by boss asked me why would I go by Mary, when Michelle was 'so' much prettier, before I knew it, I was Michelle.

    Now, I have friends & family who call me Mary-Miclelle, Mary and they say, I don;t care what you call me, just don't call me late for dinner ;)