Marvelous May 2020 acquisitions!

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  1. Thank you and cheers! :hbeat::drinks:
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  2. Snagged this baby just before the increase.
    M/L Caviar Classic Flap with GHW :girlsigh:

  3. S T U N I N G!!!

    Just sent you a PM :smile:
  4. Gorgeous! how long did it take to receive your order from harrods? Did you get free shipping? Thanks
  5. Newest additions to my collection.:heart::heart:

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  6. #186 May 22, 2020 at 12:54 PM
    Last edited: May 22, 2020 at 1:00 PM
    Was able to get a small caviar CF with silver hardware before the price increase. It’s been on my list forever but I keep buying other bags.

    Also acquired the small vanity back in Feb but taking it out for the first time today.

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  7. Lovely classics, ladies!!
  8. So happy to add this to my collection :love:
    By the time I decided I wanted this bag, all of the 20P ones with aghw were sold out here in Canada :sad: I ended up going through a local reseller for this one from 19A with the sghw that was boutique fresh. I had to pay way more than its retail but still less than the expected price increase :yucky:
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  9. Where did you purchase your bag? I’ve been having a hard time finding this bag before the increase!
  10. Finally added this black caviar GHW pre-loved Jumbo in pristine condition to my collection! ❤️ Thanks for letting me share! 408811F3-966F-4311-9318-4FDF79764486.jpeg
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  11. Adjustments.JPG finally found this WOC! perfect summer bag thanks for letting me share
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  12. Wonderful reveals ppl. Enjoy them in great health. And stay safe!
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  13. I got mine from the Orlando boutique. My SA is on vacation for the next week so I can't ask him what is available. Have you tried calling customer service?
  14. I'm on the same boat as you! I went for the medium black GHW caviar because literally everyone said it's more durable... after a few months of owning it, I wished I got the lambskin instead! Now that I have it for 1yr, I'm already too attached to let her go since she's my very first too.. :sad:
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  15. What season is your gray Gabrielle?