Marvelous May 2020 acquisitions!

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  1. I’ve always been obsessed with the look of the vanity case and very happy my SA was able to hunt this one down in light beige IMG_5563.JPG
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  2. Beautiful bag! How did you get in touch with the Chanel concession at Harrods, please? Thanks.
  3. Venessa you have been on a ROLL lately and I am HERE FOR IT! Love this bag - great choice!
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  4. Hello, unfortunately they will only sell over the phone order if you have previously purchased a Chanel handbag from them in store , sorry that’s not more helpful x I would say that once you have made that first purchase they are helpful, I live far away from a store so they are good for posting items that I am unable to get in person.
  5. Reserved this before quarantine happened. So glad it arrived before the price increase :biggrin:

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  6. You are definitely on a roll Venessa :smile:. And we are so enjoying your beautiful reveals. This is another winner. Congrats and enjoy :smile:.
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  7. Thank you both!! It’s been a lot of fun crossing off items that have been on my wishlist for quite some time. I feel very lucky and blessed!
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  8. If I was getting a tweed bag this would be it...I love it!! Congratulations!
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  9. 202005213789482890103268209~4.jpg 202005211566338028239765378~2.jpg
    My new (to me) baby pink medium flap! I saw her and couldn't resist adding her to my collection
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  10. This bag is beautiful! You should keep! I like that the flap is more straight across and not super droopy on the sides.
  11. I finally got this beauty from Fashionphile. It's 8 years old, but i am pleasantly surprised that it is in mint condition! 20200521_113157.jpg
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  12. Gorgeous! :love::love::love: That purple is beyond beautiful!:love::love::love::love::love:
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  13. I am usually not into metallics, but this metallic is very subtle
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  14. So beautiful :heart::heart::heart:
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  15. :love:
    Huge congrats to you:flowers::heart: What a wonderful reissues collection!:loveeyes: We’re twins of the black 226 and that gorgeous beige mini. :loveeyes: I still remembered how hard to get the beige mini last summer since I was kinda late to the it was the hardest one to get in my whole collection! At that time I was about to give up then my amazing SA finally found it for me!:hbeat:
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