Marvelous May 2020 acquisitions!

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  2. Yes, it is!
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  3. I live in Paris and was able to get one at the rue Royale store.
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  4. Lucky, lucky you! Enjoy!
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  5. She's beautiful! Where did you end up finding her? I'm hoping there are more shipments coming in.
  6. my SA was finally able to take phone orders.. were you looking for one as well? The price will go up to $6500 Monday
  7. I was not planning to buy any bag during this COVID-19. I call this a panic buy (before price increase). It's the one that got away from me last year (sold out). Mini reissue beige (19A) :love:

    Very happy with my reissue family now. Off to Ban Island again HAHA :blush: Thx for letting me share! IMG_7014.jpg IMG_7021.jpg
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  8. Wow-- amazing purchases! I was looking for that cardholder everywhere in that color and no one had it! Ended up going with the mini o case and the flat cardholder.
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  9. That white is stunning!
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  10. Thank you! :flowers: It's an oldie but goodie :heart:
  11. Arrived today from Harrods Mini lambskin lghw i have been trying to get one of these for 2 years!

    Attached Files:

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  12. I’m looking too and am not having any luck. Any help is appreciated!
  13. This is the perfect red!!!!
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  14. I totally agree :love: