Marvelous May 2018 Purchases!

  1. Can't wait to see them all!
  2. IMG_2125.jpg IMG_2127.jpg IMG_2128.jpg

    Just got delivered minutes ago! Really beautiful. I’m slightly bummed that the online description says there is an exterior flat back pocket and there isn’t.
  3. I hate when their website is not accurate or updated. Sorry that it took away from your excitement even a little!
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  4. Beautiful piece! Congratulations.
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  5. 5D6495EC-6950-4621-9998-A99BAB3589F2.jpeg 3A15CA07-3A27-4AAD-969E-310AB3B2F4F5.jpeg EBD67D0E-4B4F-4EA1-A607-EED79E071AB7.jpeg I received the Rosalie in Freesia as an early Mother’s Day present. I had to snag it when it said “add to cart” because it’s been in and out of stock for awhile. She’s adorable and pretty roomy for her size. I never carry much on my wallet so it’s the perfect size for me.
  6. My first unboxing! I love it+ 20180501_180118.jpg 20180501_180129.jpg 20180501_180147.jpg 20180501_180154.jpg 20180501_180223.jpg 20180501_180311.jpg

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  8. Epi kirigami :angel:
    18F71C59-010B-4AA6-ACEC-B303F1AE1A60.jpeg F749C9BC-0BB4-4FCF-9A69-7C906342F3AB.jpeg
  9. Happy early Mother's Day! Great gift for yourself. You deserve it :smile:
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  10. Twins. Love the fuchsia one!!!
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  11. Seeing all the split pouchette pics on tpf, I couldn’t help myself. :loveeyes: Along with a cute little box where I store my charms, key ring/charm from Chapman collection I found in LA (yes that Chapman from year ago), and a world tour Vivienne doll that my SA was able to find for me. :yahoo:
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  12. The Vivienne is truly adorable! What a fun piece for your collection.
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  13. I love your split pochette! I missed out
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  14. Love them all but how cute is Vivienne.
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  15. Vivienne is looking good! ;)
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