Marvelous "MARCH" 2018 Vuitton Purchases - Autumn / Spring Marvels!

  1. Please Come & Share with us all the goodies you bought in March 2018! :yahoo: Let us Marvel at your Autumn & Spring purchases! :happydance: Please don't forget to upload pictures! ;) We all need to see some Gorgeous Marvelous March eye candy! :love: It's the first day of Autumn in my corner of the World & The first day of Spring in other parts of the World! :heart:
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  2. Yes I agree! Can’t wait. It’s first day of autumn for me. Hopefully my goody will arrive soon so I can post it up here
  3. Wait? A fellow Aussie??? :nuts: G'day mate! :amuse:

    I am SO happy Summer is over with!!!!!! :yahoo::yahoo: Aussie Summers are brutal at times! :yucky: I was counting down the days! :lol:

    Looking forward to seeing your purchase! :heart::heart:
  4. Yep sure am!! Glad to know another Aussie. yes, it has been a hot summer.
  5. Same here! Expecting 3 goodie boxes.:heart:
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  6. 3 New Goodies???? :heart: OMG! I am SO jelly!!! :loveeyes:

    This Thread is going to enable me! :angel:
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  7. I'm in Aus too! Still hot at the start of Autumn! On a waitlist for 2 goodies
  8. March Madness! I made a purchase yesterday, but it won't be here till next week so could go either way lol
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  9. Another Aussie here! :wave: Sydney is still hot but getting more tolerable! Waiting on the Blossom ZCP.. Hopefully will be here soon, also ordered the One Handle but this one might take 6months.:frown:
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  10. What are you on the waitlist for fyn? Bet it’s beautiful and very exciting
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  11. Wow! So many aussies! Definitely good day mate! The zcp blossom is gorgeous! When are they due?
  12. I'm on the waitlist for the PA in DE. But if the prices on the US site are correct - I won't be getting it. New price is $685!:nuts: (37% increase)
  13. Just the same as you.. the essentials trunk mono but also the pochette Felicie Blossom. The essentials trunk still isn't on our website yet, the white epi one pops up but then disappears.. the online store let me go on the waitlist
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  14. PA in Monogram was available just now for $525.... I just purchased!!!
  15. What are u referring to? The pochette in de is no longer on the website, much less at that ridiculous price? The mono and azur only went up $25.
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