Martinibeach's Sale Necklace & other June purchases

  1. My jaw just dropped when I saw the group picture! I love all your CJ! The black and white bead necklace is so pretty too! I love the earrings you have. Your new bracelet is gorgeous as well and a great addition to your collection!
  2. Definitely a keep!! Love your MaxMara dress btw! :heart:
    Hi smalls!!! :wave:

    ETA: just saw the group pic. Please pick up my jaw as well. :faint: do you have any mod pics for your pearl bracelet?:cloud9:
  3. Some orange sandals at 30% off joined the June shopping spree. I was looking for the longest time for some flat thongs. These were the last pair at NM and like made for me.
  4. Hi bluekit! Seeing all this beautiful CJ makes me want to add a necklace to my collection. I only have earrings.... for now... :p
  5. Here they are:
    Orange Chanel Sandals 2.jpg
  6. me too me too!! :biggrin: I NEED a long CC necklace. :girlsigh:

  7. You never know when you will find something that you love. That's exactly how I started my growing jewelry collection - with the two pairs of earings.

    I wasn't sure about the orange necklace but now I am falling in love with it!
  8. you are killing me martinibeach! Those are the sandals that I wanted! Awesome score!
  9. I love the sandals as well. These are the exact pair I am looking for. :love:

    Fantastic scores MB!!! :ps:
  10. Bluekit, this is a necklace as well but is ~16-18 inches only. It also has an extender for additional may be one inch. I love it too:love:
  11. such a lovely CJ collection! I love your new orange necklace:tup:
    looks great with outfits you put together!
  12. They came out of nowhere - just entered the store and saw them - the rest is history. This was the only pair in any sizes at least at the NM in SF! Good luck finding them, smalls.
  13. thanks MB!! I wasn't sure from the pic but thank you for the's so classic looking and just drop dead gorgeous!!

  14. Hey, Pursebop, I am really inclined to keep it now, initially I wasn't sure. It turns out to be more versatile than I thought! It actually makes an outfit work. Meanwhile I learned that it is from the Amber collection (11C)!
  15. Great sandals! Congrats! They are perfect for summer.

    Your necklace looks great with the two dresses you paired it with!