martini settings or 4-prong baskets?

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  1. I've been looking at the posts on this forum and it seems the 3-prong (esp "martini") settings are popular for earrings these days. I know I want mine to sit pretty flat and I'm thinking 3-prong will look rounder and cleaner. But a jeweler I talked to seemed a bit hesitant. He said he'll do whatever I want but he feels 4-prong would be more secure. Do you worry about your 3-prongs? If I get platinum, I would think it's going to be strong enough that you wouldn't lose a prong, wouldn't it? BTW, I'm not going as large as some of you ladies...probably half carat or so in each ear.
    Thanks for any advice.
  2. Here's my opinion:

    I feel the 3 prong is not secure enough. I owned one and the diamond became loose so I reset to 4 prong. However, I do have to agree that 3 prong makes the diamond more round looking and 4 prong makes it square looking. Platinum is much stronger than gold, but my mom also had problem with her diamond coming loose with platinum setting (hers is a ring, not earring).
  3. I have a 3 prong now and have had them for a year and they are .50ct. ea. and they are fine. I actually love them better than the bezel ones i had before.
  4. I personally prefer the look for four prongs, and the extra security is definitely a bonus.
  5. To me, four prongs just "seems" right, but really it's just my opinion.
  6. 3 for sure! I posted pics in your other thread so I won't bore you again :p But plat is strong, 3 is plenty, shows more stone :biggrin:
    I wouldn't fo to 4 prong unless I went up to more than 1.5/each.
    Will you sleep and shower in them?

    I do, just wondering.
  7. Glad to hear your comment about platinum being strong...that's helpful. I was thinking I'd probably sleep in them. I was wondering if maybe it would be best to remove them when washing hair so shampoo and conditioner wouldn't get on them. Also here in San Diego we have hard water...may not be best thing for them. I don't wash my hair every day so maybe on days when I'm just showering I could keep in. You have much larger stones than me so I would defer to your opinion.
  8. I personally prefer 4 prong, it looks more classic to me. the cute of the diamond woudl allow it to sit flatter in the ear. You may just have to try on several pairs in order to find one that sits nice and flat on your lobe. I wouldn't be worried about a 3 prong not being secure, it just depends on which you like the look of more.
  9. i've never met a jeweler who has recommended a 3 prong setting, although i like the looks of the 3 prongs better. if you're getting platinum you shouldn't have a problem. plus, most jewelers will replace missing stones as long as you bring the earrings in every 6 mos., or what ever their policy is. i think i'm going to go w/ the 3 prongs w/ i upgrade in feb.
  10. I have three sets of diamond studs, all set in 3 prong martini settings. I really like the look. My .50 ctw are in my ears 24/7, so my piercings don't close. So far, no problem. FWIW, HOF studs are only set in 3 prong and they are quite pricey.
  11. Should I get 3-prong martinis or 4-prong baskets for my diamond earrings (80 pts each ear)? It seems more people posting online prefer the martinis but someone posted that they stretched her holes (so uncomfortable that she changed them out). Some have said the baskets have more of a tendency to droop or tilt down but the tech at WF said that due to the angle of the setting the martinis would do this more. I know jumbo backs help to stabilize the earrings but I'm getting platinum and jumbo backs for them are an additional $280. so I'm hoping plastic discs will do the trick.

    Any thoughts on pros/cons of martini vs basket in regard to drooping and hole stretching will be appreciated.
  12. if your holes are normal, I'd go for martini's for sure.
  13. my hole are normal in terms of size but since re-piercing they are sensitive...never fully healed
  14. becasue of how the prongs come together at the top of the post, if your holes are sensitive, it could irritate them. They won't make holes bigger but they dig in a little which makes them sit flatter than baskets usually do.
    See the difference?:
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  15. Thanks for the picture. I stopped at the mall on my way home (knowing tomorrow is decision day for me) and Helzberg had two pairs the same size - one diamonds and one moissonite. Diamonds were set in 4-prong baskets and others set in martini. Trying them on together, although both looked fine, I could see the difference and did prefer the martinis. And with the regular backs I thought both pairs sat OK on sagging that I could see. Unless your holes are large to begin with, I don't see how the point of the earring could go in there and stretch them. Unless maybe it could happen when you're sleeping on them. If I can ever get my ears healed so I don't have to worry about holes closing overnight, I probably won't sleep in the earrings. So right at the moment I'm leaning towards the martini settings. I would very much like to make the right decision as platinum is so expensive I'd hate to have to do over. Thanks for your help.