Martini Night With The Jills..part 21..lmao!

  1. OK KIDS...Its chocolate martini night with Jill and Jillybean....Whats yer poison????LOL!

    So we just watched BORAT..ROFLMAO. OMFG....WHAT A FREAKY MOVIE..however we were laughing quite hard at the nude wrestling at the end...heehee...Anyone seen it?

    Jillybean is rather drunk. She's managed to both knock over a liter box full of liter and run into furniture. She's a wreck!!
    YES..Jillybean is QUITE the lush......Between the martinis..........and the Borat movie.......She cant walk a straight line......
    Howver she is commenting on my AMAZING typing skills as we speak..LMAO........
    So..what are you ll up to this amazing Friday night??????
  2. Borat was awesome! I laughed so hard I cried..luckily, I wasn't the only one in the theater doing that. I think Sasha Baron Cohen should have won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. He was in character for months!

    I hope you girls have fun- have a martini for me!
  3. Ummmm..Jillybean..Make me another choc martini..HO....LMAO
  4. Just home from lovely meal with friend, glad you girls are having fun also!
  5. I am on my third glass of wine.

    My new year's resolution was to drink no more than two in an evening b/c I had a little too much fun at the New Year's party and fell in the kitchen and cracked my tailbone. But Dh and the kids are in bed so I am having a third.

    *Shhh* don't tell anyone!!!!
  6. Oh yeah...havin' a little wine myself!!!!:biggrin:
  7. I had dinner at my cousin's house.

    (Hey . . . Jills? Next time, try a Black Witch Martini! It's Absolut Black Current, Creme de Cassis and Sambuca.)
  8. ^OOOH! Send me the recipe!LOL!...We have awesome martini nights..heehee!
  9. I'm envious.....I wanna martini night!
  10. All I know is the ingredients. (I ordered it in a restaurant because I liked how it sounds. Plus, as I found out later, it matched my outfit!)

    But judging from other martini recipes, it would be:
    3 1/2 oz of Absolut Black Currant
    1 oz of Creme de Cassis
    1 oz of Sambuca

    Mix 'em in a martini shaker with ice and strain into a martini glass.
  11. OMG that wrestling scene in Borat is CRAZY!! I didn't know whether to laugh or throw up!! LMAO!! :smile:
  12. ^I know...we were like..OMG!!!!!!!!!
    I may have nightmares of that guys flesh rolls for the next year...heehehehe!(EWWWWW!!)
  13. ^^ hope everyone is hangover-free today, LOL. Yeah, I too will have nightmares about the flesh roll guy in borat....eeegad.
  14. went for dinner with my best friend yesterday night. no martinis though. JIll and JIllybean you gals are rockin it up!! so awesome that have martini nights often!! =)

    i didn't know whether to laugh or cry when i watched the Borat movie... but that nude scene was just terrible!! it was super disturbing and i didn't need to see that much!! and i can't imagine what it must be like for both of them doing the scene. i mean can u imagine doing that scene?!?!?! :yucky:
  15. ^LMAO..I know....I have a bit of a hangover today....I cant figure out if its from the martinis or from that traumatic naked scene..LOL!!!(GAG!)