Martine Sitbon???

  1. Anyone familiar with, or better yet, have one of her bags? has a silver pebbled leather hobo that looks delish...and Shopbop has 5 styles or so.
    Reasonable priced, certainly more under the radar so to speak than others.....Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Bump...wondering this myself.
  3. bump - really am considering one of her bags.

  4. I have purchase 2 from Shopbop a few months ago. Both are great quality. I got one in brown patent leather, beautiful, really really beautiful, VERY VERY high end looking. My mom loved it so much, she's taken it away from me.
    The only downside about it is the lining, it's very thin, because I have worked with fabrics before, I think it is unbleached cotton. It's probably not bad quality, just the handfeel of it. I prefer HH lining - polyester, easy to clean.
    That's the only thing about it though. I highly recommend it.

  5. Kathleen -
    which bag? I've seen several of her bags and for the pricepoint, they are outstanding. Some leathers are softer than others - overall, the designs are simple/elegant and will withstand trends!

  6. YUP, it's a beauty! I saw it the other day as well and really like the patent shoulder strap, it really is a great accent to the bag and a lovely contrast to the yummy leather bag. I would have scooped it up...but am looking for an unstructured bottom to a bag!
  7. I just received that bag from Shopbop (after it sat in a ups warehouse for a week waiting for Gustav to pass) I really love it! I think it will be the perfect everyday bag for fall-the grey leather with brown patent handles will go with everything.It is very light and had a fantastic leather smell when I opened the box. It is on the big side, but not freakishly so.

    I actually like it better than the .miu miu patchwork bag that I ordered and returned-and it cost 3 times as much!
  8. Just curious, where are these bags made? The Shopbop site says "imported", so I'm assuming that's China?
  9. the deco tote. for some reason, i cannot copy the image. anyway, it has two outside pockets, a round shape, and a magnetic closure with pebbled leather. very simple.
  10. Made in korea.
  11. mine are made in korea
  12. they are beautiful...
  13. That is a beautiful bag! Great color!!
  14. I've got this baby :heart:

    Its so soft and pretty, and i love the flower application :drool:
    taske1.JPG taske2.JPG