Martin + Osa

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  1. I checked out this newer store at the mall today, Martin + Osa. I learned from the sa that it is a line by American Eagle targeting 25+. I liked what I saw. The line is really clean and simple. The sizing is a little more generous. They offer free alterations on all regular merchandise. They had a lot of things on sale. I bought a couple of cute tees. I really liked a drop waist knit dress w/a drawstring at the hips, but it didn't really fit right on me. Any other opinions?
  2. My bf and I have become dedicated customers of Martin & Osa!! We first checked out their stuff a couple of months ago at Tyson's and they remind me very much of J. Crew in a way, except simpler and the quality is great!! Some of their stuff is extremely pricey--but they often go on sale and the colors are really nice.
  3. Pulling up this thread because of a sale post in Deals & Steals. I really like the look of the clothes online, very clean and simple. How is the fit? Would you say it is similar to J Crew and Banana Republic.
  4. I am petite and usually wear a size p4 from Banana. I haven't worn the regular numbered sizes from Banana in forever. I will say that M+O seems to be cut a little more generously. Being only 5'2", I do find that their dresses and skirts are long on me. I have a couple of tees from them that I like. They have a nice, clean, simple line, but they seem kind of pricey to me compared to Banana.
  5. Thanks that helps a lot.

    I don't think I'll buy anything from them until they open a store in NYC, not worth the hassle shipping back and forth because I think the skirts/dresses might be too long for me too. I am 5'4" and am tired of skirts/dresses falling past the knee.
  6. I just want to bump this thread... their clothing is fantastic as well as their customer service.

    The material is sooooo wonderfully soft and luxurious (at least to me, lol). Everything I tried on fit amazingly, too. They are having a 50% off sweater sale, so I got two sweaters, and then two camisoles, and it came to under $80.00.

    While I was in the fitting room, they had a little "pager" button to call for an SA's help, AND they offered me a bottle of fiji water, free! :smile:

    I'm just really impressed with the fit of their clothes, the styles, and everything all around. It's been a long time since I had such an enjoyable experience shopping in a store.
  7. I walked into the Bellevue Martin & Osa store for the first time last week while I was out with my DH. All the SA's were very helpful & friendly. I've been there 4 times within the last week...amazing since I live 1-1/2 hrs away.

    I would consider my fashion style as classic & simple...a good fit for this store.
    I am petite (almost5'2", 105#)...a beanpole. Most JCrew or Banana Republic items in size 0 (regular or petite) just don't fit right. I don't think the pricing is too outrageous in comparison to other brands.

    I really like their denim in the standard length; the fit is perfect for wearing with heels...especially the Slim cut. The wool trousers (size 0) I found does need to be shortened, but it fit in all the other areas. I found a wool trench coat (size XS) & it was actually fitted; and a dress (size 0). The tees & sweaters are very comfortable. I haven't tried any skirts yet, but I'm sure I will soon. I normally don't wear button-up shirts, so I didn't try any of those either. I don't fit any of their shoes; smallest is 6m & I wear 5m.
  8. I LOVE this store! I just bought a sweaterdress originally $130 down to just under $60. The CS here is amazing as well - online and in-store. Sizes run a bit large, but this is true for most stores in the U.S. these days..
  9. store is pretty good I agree
  10. I bought a lovely long silk skirt from here today.. marked down to 60 from 120 which is an absolutely bargain for 100% silk

    I agree about the lovely service and I like their clothes much more than Banana Republic & JCrew (which I am not a fan of)
  11. I haven't been able to visit a store or see their stuff in person, but I have liked what I've seen on their site for a while now. I have to give this one to AE -- their "high end" line is way better than A&F's Ruehl No. 925.
  12. I am speaking strictly from my experience, so don't take it personally if you don't agree. Their quality sucks completely.

    I have been a customer since the first week ! they opened their store in SF and bought a ton of their stuff over time. Their stuff looks amazing, but it doesn't hold up in washing/dry cleaning. I bought a few sweaters full priced ( ~ 160 bucks each ) and they shrunk drastically after the 1st dry cleaning. One of them shrunk so much that when I gave it to my cousin (size small), it barely fit her (4 year old) ! If I pay nearly 200 bucks for a sweater, I expect it to last me at least for a season, not be ruined in the first dry cleaning.
  13. I like the store & their styling.
    Yah, and I never knew that it was part of AE until my friend informed me a while back.
  14. I'm 18 and I love it. Everything is simple and soft. I got a great deal on the silk and cashmere sweater - $55, down from $88 or so.
  15. I have to kind of agree with this - I like the style/look but I don't think that the quality is all there, not for the full price stuff. I've also ordered some shoes from them and thought they were a bit sloppy in quality. I still go into the store but usually head straight to the sale section as I don't think the regular/full price is justified for the quality you get.