Martin Margiela or Jean-Paul Gaultier?

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  1. Do you prefer Martin Margiela or Jean-Paul Gaultier? I prefer Jean-Paul. What do you think if Tom Ford becomes the new designer? What do you expect from him about hermes collections?
  2. Good discussion point! I prefer Jean-Paul Gaultier, I think.
  3. I prefer JPG, but I should look better at the new Margiela collection before making a good decision^o^
  4. I prefer Martin Margiela when he's designing his own line...I love his offbeat vision.

    But I would think that JPG's aesthetic is more suited to Hermes,is that's what this is about.
  5. Jpg
  6. Jean Paul Gaultier...
  7. i prefere jean paul.
    i think tom ford would do a great job!!