Marti Persimmon - thoughts on bag style or color?

  1. Does anyone have this bag? If so, how do you like it?
    Does anyone have this color in any of the bag styles? wanted thoughts on the color...

  2. I do have this bag in Leopard, and I love it. The size, convertible features, feel of the leather, various pockets and zippers and closures -- are all fantastic. I saw persimmon, but it is just too bright. Leopard is a great fun print, and really easy to match with everything.
  3. I really like the Marti style but have yet to see it in person or worn on a real live person. However, I think the color is really nice and shows off the unique feature of the bag. In fact, I was thinking of this color for the Jane, but am also debating fatigue!
  4. Thanks for getting back to me. I do love the leopard too.
    Do you find the bag heavy once you put everything in? I have the Jane and love it as its so lightweight and also easy to carry. I really like that the Marti has the option of being a backpack.
  5. I'm curious as well, is anyone willing to take mod pics with the Marti? I would love to see real life photos of it being used. Just got a Jane last week and am going to officially use it for the first time today and I love the look of the bag!
  6. what color Jane did you get? I have the blue and the fatigue and have been using the blue one since I got it...haven't changed bags!!! :cool:
  7. get the fatigue...great neutral color!! :p
  8. I got it in black though honestly it looks like a dark navy blue to me (tag says black though and I had gotten a black Brenda a while back that I sold off that had the same thing.. looked navy blue)..

    Can you take mod pics of yours? I'd looooove to see them both in action! I adore mod pics :smile::smile:
  9. I have the Jane bag in persimmon/ red and I LOVE LOVE It. A pop color. I have lots of Chanels and an Hermes but I am in love with my wang bag! :o)
  10. I got a greyish white marti backpack from last call studio for $340. It's very soft n in a very nice color, but i worry whether it is practical to use as aeveryday bag (with a 2 yr old).

    I have a furla lambskin wallet when i was in highschool, n it got dirty after twoo months n the leather needs the opening flip was worn out. After that, i always stay away from lambskin......but bought a black amani bag a few years ago, but it got sit in the closet for most of the time because of the bad experience.

    Should i pass or keep it?
  11. I have the Jane and two kids (21 months and 3 months). The lambskin is holding up great and I'm surprised. I put my kids stuff in there too. For the price you got yours, I would keep it. I put a waterproof spray on mine and has held up really well.
  12. I love the Marti in black, it's just so chic. Bought a Donna in persimmon (my first AW bag) but I'm still on the fence about the colour. No doubt it provides a great pop of colour but you need to be extra careful with it since it's lambskin and persimmon is such a light shade.