Martha Stewart's shoes

  1. Did anyone see Martha Stewart modeling her Hermes suede pumps on her show this morning?
  2. No - what were they like?
  3. Chocolate brown suede, stacked heel , fringe on toe box. She threw her leg up onto the counter and asked the audience if they liked her new Hermes shoes that she had sent to her.
  4. ^^^ i did not watch the show, but that seems like such a tacky thing to do!
  5. I kind of thought the same thing also. I normally don't watch her show but the TV's at the gym had it on so I plugged in my earphones to listen.
  6. tacky!!
  7. Not that I disagree, but it makes me wonder: would it be tacky if she called on people to look at her shoes from Pay-less? Or a pair of Donald Pliner's? Or her sexy shoes? Or a pair of Manolos? Or a pair of old shoes just back from the shoe repair?

    It seems to me that most of those would be considered Ok. Perhaps pointing out one's Manolos is considered questionable, but I'm betting it's not nearly as questionable as pointing out one's Hermes shoes. I mean, almost everyone loves Manolos and is interested in seeing the new styles, right? It's just kind of funny how talking about one's Hermes items seems somewhat shameful.
  8. I did not watch the show, but she was probably overcome with excitement (as I would have been) and could not wait to share her excitement with her 'big' family (as you are mine).
  9. :lol: I bet she was just excited. She needs to join tPF so she can share her stuff with fellow H lovers! ;)
  10. ^^^ Lol!
  11. i saw her at Hermes on Madison just a couple weeks ago!
  12. Martha is a huge Hermes lover, isn't she? Who can forget when she brought her Birkin to her trials?!
  13. Can you just imagine if Martha was a PF member????? omg....what a hoot that would be.........
  14. As I said, I am not a frequent watcher of her show. When the show started, she came from backstage, put her leg up on the counter to show the audience, put it back down and proceeded on with the show. It seemed kind of random in the context of the show. The shoes were gorgoeus, by the way.
  15. There's nothing wrong with that!