Martha Stewart Show - for handbag fanatics ! (like us)

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  1. This show is taping 9/12 if any tpf members want to go. You can get tickets at her website. Might be a bit of fun. I'm too far away to go, unfortunately. I went once with my mother to a taping, it was really enjoyable. Be sure and get there early ! and 'get tickets'.

    HANDBAG DIVAS ! (9/12 @ 2PM) *Bring your Coach, Louis Vuitton,
    Hermes, Prada, etc... we are featuring a handbag fashion show and
    talk to audience members about their "splurge" purchases on an
    investment handbag.
  2. That looks interesting but I think this Handbag thing is getting out of hand(bag) with Martha she going to bring her Birkins?
  3. Mmmh, I wonder, maybe someone could tape that and send a DVD to Europe? All expenses paid, of course, or a little gift in return. I would love to see that.
  4. Wouldn't this be kind of dangerous for Hermes toting ladies to appear on national TV? Your whole neighbourhood would know, and then attract all sorts of unnecessary problems, and raise security risks.
  5. Hmm. Not in the places I live, where people either carry Hermes themselves - or don't care about handbags at all, much less the connotation of having an Hermes bag. No one I know has the time to catch the Martha show either, so they probably wouldn't even know about it.
  6. OMG I would love to see this once it airs!

    Someone's gotta youtube it!
  7. For me, yes. Yes it will! :s I'll watch when it broadcasts at home.
  8. What an adorable idea! A little 5 minutes of fame with your handbag.

    But many Hermes gals should probably skip making an appearance since people can be so obsessive about Birkins. Just look at certain gorgeous gal in the Big Apple who was followed from the H store and had her bag manhandled! :wtf: (hugs to you girl, btw)

    Thanks for the heads-up! I will get a kick out of watching... from home for me, though :yes:
  9. sounds kinda interesting...u ladies will have to tell us if any of u go :smile:
  10. the cashier at the 7-11 gas station the other day said to me, hey lady you got a Hermees bag!!!!!!! so you never know :shrugs: you can never be too careful! ;)

    OMG i just realized that this taping is the same day as the Christies auction...oh geez.
  11. Does Martha tape in NYC or somewhere in CA? That would be really neat to be around quite a few bag enthusiast. :yes: Never a dull moment in conversation.
  12. That is disgusting!! I loved it when my Kelly was unrecognizable about ten years with the internet and media Hermes is all over the place and I don't care for that at all...just ranting and raving...:cursing:
    Now everyone and their uncle/aunts from other galaxies know that I carry Hermes except for the discreet Bolide and Trims....sorry...:wondering
  13. Don't believe I've ever seen her show, but I'll have to follow up and watch this one somehow. Sounds interesting...Would be interesting to see some of the local Hermes tpf girls get together and make a fashion statement.
  14. I would bet that Martha leaves her H bags at home!
  15. Well, I think it sounds like fun. I kind of don't care for my neighbor Martha that much, though. Every time I see her, by the way, she IS carrying a Hermes bag.

    I would think that any potential security risks are much greater when posting your entire collection on the internet (where you can't SEE the lurking stalkers!!) as opposed to carrying the bag such as many of us do daily to and from a TV studio. Or am I missing the point?? entirely possible, I admit. LOL

    edited: I would hope and pray that what happened recently to Baggs was a one in a million occurrence!!
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