Martha Stewart Engaged

  1. Martha Stewart is said to be close to tying the knot with Microsoft billionaire Charles Simonyi. New York sources say the pair are deeply in love and engaged. They recently spent a week together on his enormous luxury yacht. But there's one thing they don't agree on -- he wants to take a trip into outer space -- and she says "I definitely don't!"
  2. OH... THE HORROR!! :sweatdrop: Poor Mr. Simonyi.
  3. Awww... I wonder if he knows which fork is for the salad, which for the shrimp.. Well, even if he doesn't, she'll straighten him out. Good for them both! I wish them the best!
  4. Wow, I never thought she was capable of romance. He must have nerves of steele, though. Imagine if he committed a faux pas in front of guests. LOL
  5. lol yeah I bet she'll fuss about things like that off and on ;)

    Wishing them the best!
  6. Wow! Let's hope it's A Good Thing.
  7. Well, at least Mr. Simonyi is not intimidated to be with another rich, powerful businessperson. I imagine their lawyers are drawing up one hell of an airtight prenup.
  8. OMG!This guy isn't much to look at but could he actually be that hard up?:throwup:
    She looks like she has more testosterone than Simonyi :roflmfao: .
  9. best of luck :roflmfao:
  10. That is one odd looking couple, but, best of luck to them!
  11. at least they're not marrying each other for the other's money!!! haha
  12. Wow, I really pictured her with Liza's ex....
  13. :amazed: :amazed: :amazed: Notblushing, I had the same exact mental :lol: :lol:
  14. I always admired Martha for her perfectionism and hard work. I think she gets more done by 8am than I do in a whole day.
  15. Whoa, who knew there would be somebody out there for Martha Stewart? But seriously, they both seem to be very successful, so hopefully it will work out. :nuts: