Martha show this afternoon ...

  1. was great! Featuring many great bags, care tips, etc. Alexis (Martha's daughter) dissed the Epi speedy she owns calling it "the least favorite bag" in her collection because it's "very hard to get into". She also said she "didn't like it's shape".

    One of the tips for cleaning/looking after a bag was the baby wipe tip!:nuts: I wonder if she (Martha) picked it up on tPF?!:graucho:
  2. I wish I would have known this was going to be on Martha today. I would have recorded it. It sounds like a very interesting episode. I am also recording Tyra's show today about fakes. Great Friday night tv watching!!
  3. I wished I would have seen this!!
  4. Me too! I wish I didn't have to be to work that early today! Darn!
  5. Darn!! I wish i could of seen that!\
  6. I only watched a little of it, but it was interesting. I love that handbags are getting so much press!!!!!
  7. How dare she dissed epi Speedy?! LOL

    I agree she might've picked up the tip from tPF.
  8. That sounds like it would of been intersting. Too bad I was at school. I love the epi speedy, I think it's a great bag.
  9. wonder what she said about that infamous Birkin?!!
  10. Martha said she bought her Birkin in St. Bart's around 17 years ago for $1200, so it was a god investment. Lots of interesting bags, her daughter's was Valextra and cost $5600 - $$$$.
  11. I wish i watched this.
  12. I was surprised the green epi speedy was her least favorite bag. She mentioned she has never used it and it has been in her closet for 25 years. Have they been around this long?
  13. the dvr in the living room accidently recorded this show today & my mom deleted it. i wish i would have known :sad: it secretly knew i would want to watch that show.darn.
  14. I saw towards the ending when her daughter dissed the speedy.... when she was unzipping it to try to show how hard it is to get in it, she made it look like a struggle :rolleyes: I didn't like the green color but I didn't get what she didn't like!?
  15. Yeah how dare she dissed LV! Thank god, I was never a fan of Alexis anyways. :cursing: But Martha is great.