Martha or Brinkley

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  1. I love messenger bags and have fallen in love with a tan Martha. My only problem is the beige canvas strap, I am not too keen on it. Will it grow on me? Love the bag though!

    My other option is a Brinkley in chocolate, but here the strap is striped and kind of ugly. Can you change straps? I would be fine with a chocolate canvas strap for the Brinkley, but with the Martha I would prefer one in leather. Is it possible to buy extra straps or would that be like swearing in church?

    And of course, please, what would you get? Martha or Brinkley?

  2. See if I get this right, with the quoting, since I´m new in this forum :smile:

    Thank you so much! This is exactly what I was thinking of. Have not seen the Brinkley live, but I´m just looking for reasons to go with the Martha so...

    This was what I needed to make Martha win me over!