Marshmellow Key clef 6x ( $79)

  1. good deal.
  2. Can't bid, paypal does not confirm addresses in Europe grrrr
  3. Isn't that annoying? That was the case in Canada for a while too.
  4. Yeah ! That totally sucked. :Push:
  5. Yesss it is :mad::mad::censor:
    I even e-mailed paypal about it and they were "sorry for any inconveniences" blah blah. So I can't buy from authentic_lvlady etc., all these good sellers because of it. And more and more sellers require the impossible from Europeans. I'm sorry but I won't send hundreds of $$$ to someone I don't know without any protection... :sad:

    On the other hand, these sellers miss out on some good business:devil:
  6. I always e-mail sellers before bidding and ask nicely if they would let me pay with paypal from unconfirmed address since it is impossible for me to have it confirmed. Everyone's said yes so far, so if there is something you really want I would recommend contacting the seller :smile:

    ps. authentc_lvlady did agree to accept unconfirmed paypal payment from me when I asked her so she probably will do that to others too :smile:
  7. wow-annebag always lists things for pretty low prices. That cles is really dirty though.
  8. that 'sa really good deal and i love the color
  9. i sold a lavender 4 key holder for 40 shipped in better condition than that.. imo thats way overpriced
  10. Can you pm me your ebay seller id?:smile:
  11. Hey, authentic_lvlady hasn't responded to my e-mails regarding selling to me with an unconfirmed address ... despite my perfect feedback and near a hundred transactioins ;-(
    However let-trade was nice enough to do it ;)