Marshmallow Vernis Reade PM!!!!

  1. [​IMG]

    Please talk me out of getting it!
    Convince me NOT to get this beautiful Marshmallow Reade!!! :hysteric:

    1) I am saving $$$ for Hong Kong
    2) Marshmallow vernis will yellow...right?! Shouldn't I save my money and buy a bag that will last longer?

    Or...even better...someone here, please buy it so I'll stop looking at the BIN button!!!
  2. Karman... Marshmallow is tdf if you love pastel pink and it does not yellow!
  3. oooh and it's a good price!
  4. Noooo talk me OUT of getting it!!!

  5. Okay.... I am bias I love my Marshmallow Greene and my Gris Reade...

    aaauggh... You need to save for a gorgeous Pomme d'Amour Reade instead!:idea:
  6. Get it! :devil:
  7. get love small bags. i would love this in a bigger size (im a big bag kinda girl). you might end up regretting it in the end if you let this baby go.....
  8. the bag might reek like hell.
  9. But I'm not a red person! :lol:
    Anyone else?
  10. okay, i'm the *only* one who actually obliged!
    you evil ladies!!!!
  11. Can't do. It's a great price and hardly see the marshmallow Reade......sorry.:p
  12. Someone please give it a home!!! :hysteric:
  13. it might smell like moth balls
  14. Save for Hong Kong! You want walk around money for there too!
  15. ummm...your BF is saying NO cuz he doesn't like the colour? lol what else? it's way too small! it's not a shoulder bag! ummmm....this is hard! BUY IT! lol