Marshmallow Fluff

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  1. What to do with marshmallow fluff? my sister bought some....
  2. Not too much, really... you can make "fluffernutters" which are just fluff and peanut butter sandwiches on white bread. I ate those as a kid. You can also do some sweet recipes, namely fudge and candies.

    Here's a link for recipes from the manufacturer:
  3. My most favorite thing in the world is mixing 1 jar marshmallow fluff with one 8 oz. package of cream is so delicious on fruit, but really I just use the fruit as an excuse to eat it!!
  4. I like fluff and celery, I know I am weird.... Fluffernutters are the best though! As a sandwich or a shake! I usually use white chocolate or crunchy peanut butter (from the pb co). I have a "peanut butter company" cookbook too which gives lots of tasty recipes to make things.
  5. Make choc. chip cookies and dip them in fluff!!

    Fluffernutter is like, my favorite food. I have to pretend it's calorie free.

    OR- pick up a copy of Rachel Ray's magazine, she has a recipe that calls for the fluff in between 2 cookies!
  6. Definatley peanut butter and fluff sandwich. My boyfriend does what he calls a "pb & fluff shot" its a scoop of pb topped with a scoop of fluff. Sounds disgusting and pigish put quite delicious!
  7. I had never heard of a fluffernutter til I met DH - must be an east coast thing. Hubby eats fluff with vanilla wafers too. They're ok like that, but I like them better with a square of Hershey bar (sometimes we freeze them) - kinda like a s'more, except I like vanilla wafers better than graham crackers.
  8. My grandmother makes fudge all the time and everyone RAVES over it. A few years ago she revealed her "secret" to me- it's the recipe on the jar of Fluff!
  9. Oh, I'm going to try that at Christmas! I've never tried making fudge. My aunt who makes it probably doesn't even HAVE a recipe, so I never bothered asking for it.
  10. OMG I love fluff!! It's definitely an East Coast (US) thing!! I ate fluffernutters growing up. Dang yummy but all that sugar!! LOL!
  11. That's our recipe too! I bet tons of people have that as their "family" recipe!
  12. I make s'mores with them. I don't eat gelatin, but I miss s'mores, so I use the fluff as a substitute for the marshmallows.

    I'll have to try that fudge recipe, though! I bet fluff would also be good if you swirled it into a boxed brownie mix.
  13. this stuff sounds amazing!! but theres almost none in CA :sad:! so sad!
  14. how does this stuff compare nutritionally to regular marshmallows?
  15. Fluffanutters rock! :love: