Marshmallow dilemma!


Battle of the Marshmallows

  1. Bedford

  2. Biscayne Bay PM

  3. Neither (please advise)

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  1. In my quest for a Marshmallow Vernis bag, I am now stuck between a Bedford and Biscayne Bay PM, both of which are available on eBay.

    I already have a Perle Bedford, but I love the shape, and it looks so pretty in the Marshmallow color. The Biscayne Bay PM is an unusual shape, but because I don't know anything about it, for the ladies who have one, what are the pros/cons?
  2. I have the Biscayne Bay GM in red and I love that style. It's a great shoulder bag and is definitely one you don't see all over. Neither is the Bedford, really. But the Biscayne Bay was only made in a couple of colors (Peppermint, Marshmallow,Perle,Indigo,Red) for a short time with no plans to make them again so I'd go for that one. It fits everything you need really well and is a real head turner!
    I do like the Bedford (I have it in Peppermint) but I find it really hard to get into and it tends to knock into a LOT of things, which I don't like.
    So I say Biscayne Bay.
  3. :weird: Both links are the same.Anyway I'll prefer Bedford. Personally I don't like the shape of the Biscayne bay that much. But since you have a bedford already and Papillon 30......:hrmm: tough decision.....
  4. oh :censor:. OK i just changed it :shame:
  5. I like the Bedford better (for me), the Biscayne Bay looks too dressy for my casual self, lol. They are both pretty, love the color...good luck, it is a tough one!
  6. Bedford... Biscayne...Bedford... Biscayne...Bedford... Biscayne...

  7. Was There a Lexington in Marshmellow?
  8. yes, i think so. there's a picture of Victoria Beckham somewhere on this forum with that bag.
  9. I'm casual ALL the time and just use that bag when I'm wearing jeans and a polo shirt, for example. Then I wear my red dezario heart sandals and it's a cute little outfit :smile:
    IMO, the Bedford is a LOT dressier than the BB, especially in the marshmallow, but then again, that's just me.
  10. I would vote for the biscayne bay since you already have the bedford
  11. Of the two, I would say the Biscayne Bay PM since you already have two cylinder shaped bags, go for something different :yes:
  12. I agree!:biggrin:
  13. I like Bedford but you already have perle bedford already...I personally will still get bedford. I only like Biscayne in red.
  14. hey ya
    i voted for the Biscayne Bay PM i always like having different shaped/style bags... good luck on what ya decide!!! its such a great colour!
  15. I think since you already have a Perle Bedford(and a Damier Pap 30), the Biscayne will be a lovely new addition to your collection. It's different from anything you currently have and I think it's really pretty!:heart: