marshalls vs. marshall's field

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  1. this may be a dumb question, but is there a difference between the two? a couple of years back my friend brought me to one of them, i forgot which one and it looked more like a dumpster to me. They patched up the holes in their defected jeans with their own tacky pink iron-on flowers. :rolleyes:
  2. marshall's = discount store similar to Ross and TJ Maxx.

    marshall's field = similar to macy*s, dillard's. actually marshall's field was taken over by Federated so all Marshall's Field have become macy*s
  3. oooh interesting. thanks, jen! which is the one that most pfers talk about hitting lucky deals from?
  4. It's Marshall Field's, not "Marshall's Field"

    Marshall Field's is a higher end department store. Not quite the level of Saks, but the nicest one in the Midwest.
  5. marshall's. they have mostly crap, so you have to look hard, but you can occassionally find a diamond in the rough.
  6. I agree that a lot of the Marshalls do have crap but some stores are better then others. Where I live there's one that has better shoes/bags and then one that has better jeans/clothes. Each store gets different stuff....basically hit or miss. You just have to dig a little harder then you would at a dept store.:yes:
  7. :roflmfao:

    I knew it sounded funny when I typed it in. I was probably also thinking about Mrs. Field's cookies at the time :drool:
  8. oh whoops! we dont have that here in the west coast so I had no idea what the correct spelling is
  9. that's marshall's

    Marshall Field's is a department store that imho is better than the likes of Macy's and the SAs are polite, but that may because it's situated in the midwest
  10. :crybaby: It's so depressing walking down state street now and having to look at this crappy red instead the elegant, muted green...
  11. Yeah... I have still been shopping there a lot, though, just because they seem to have good deals, and apparently no one else is shopping there so the selection is good, too.
  12. I am so sad that the Marshall Field's stores have changed to Macy's, though the selection doesn't seem to have changed much yet.

    Marshall's, despite the similar name, is not related to Marshall Field's. In fact, I believe it is owned by the same group that runs TJ Maxx. It is the store that might well look like a dumpster but where you may occasionally find good deals. Like others have said, it really depends on the store. There are three Marshall's in my area - one is worthless, the other tends to have nicer shoe finds and the other has an occasional handbag or piece of clothing that is worthwhile. But all of them take a lot of searching to find anything!
  13. i know! at another forum this guy was talking about D&G at marshalls and he didn't elaborate which one...i didn't even know there's a marshall that was high end!

    to me marshall is like tj maxx or something b/c we don't have that version here.

    though i hear that with federated snapping up dept stores they're merging them and making them into macys'? maybe that would end my confusion. lol.
  14. Yes, technically any confusion should be over because, to my knowledge, there are no Marshall Field's department stores left. They have all been changed to Macy's. People used to shopping those stores when they were Marshall Field's often still call them that, but their signs all say Macy's.
  15. Also, usually if people shorten the name of Marshall Field's, it's to "Field's." I've never heard it called "Marshall's."