Marshall's & TJMaxx - What Treasures Have you Found?

  1. I was at Marshall's yesterday and found an Andrew Marc handbag that is currently selling at Bloomingdales for $450 (Marshall's price was $250) - Then today I checked out TJMaxx and somehow managed to find a $1200 Michael Kors bag for $300! The store I was at today had some excellent bargains on designer items (Marc Jacobs, D&G, Vince, Theory, Tahari, Cole Haan, etc.) and it got me thinking.....

    What other treasures have some of you found at Marshall's and/or TJMaxx? It doesn't have to be anything that you bought - It could be something you saw that originally cost a higher price, but maybe wasn't your style and/or taste. I'm just curious. The store I was at today has what they call a "Runway" section that specifically stocks higher priced designer items. It seems that in the last 6 months or so, I've been finding higher & higher priced items at Marshall's. I'm just wondering if this is true at all of the stores or just the ones in and near bigger cities (I'm just outside of Chicago).

    It used to be a bargain if you found Baby Phat, Rockawear or Ecko - now the racks are flooded with those designers and they barely move. Theory, Tahari, Michael by MK are the designers that come & go much faster nowadays.
  2. How lucky of you! I was reading your other post but I didn't see if you said it was runway tjmaxx or not, sadly the only runway tjmaxx in Texas, is in Houston. Or, at least according to my search on Google?
  3. I thought I'd list my "finds" in a separate post - here are a few things I've recently found at Marshall's/TJMaxx:

    Andrew Marc Suede "Faith" bag
    Michael by MK Astor Satchel
    a variety of other Michael by MK bags
    Cole Haan handbags (not very nice styles)
    Cole Haan leather sandals
    Lilly Pulitzer jackets & skirts
    Stuart Weitzman shoes
    Juicy Couture hoodies & T's

    Cole Haan handbags (much nicer selection/styles than Marshalls)
    Michael Kors handbags (high-end that retail for $1k+)
    DKNY leather handbags (much nicer selection/styles than Marshalls)
    Dolce & Gabanna jackets
    Marc Jacobs jackets
    a wide variety of clothing by Vince, Tahari, & Theory
    Catherine Malandrino clothing
    Chip & Pepper Jeans
    7 for all Mankind Jeans
  4. If you go to the TJMaxx website and use the store locater, it'll tell you there which stores have a Runway section. That's how I found about it.
  5. This is actually one of the other MK bags that they had at TJMaxx (except I think this one is suede/leather - the one I saw was all leather) - I think their price was $400+ (I had no idea that Jessica Simpson carried this bag!) I honestly didn't think the leather was all that nice on this bag.

  6. ^^ looks great on her, i just went to my local tj maxx today that just opened (grand opening today!) saw some of those brands which you've listed. nothing super super but maybe one day they'll have a couple steals for their regular hounding shoppers
  7. Purses I've seen are Coach, Cole Haan, Juicy, Marc Jacobs, Dolce & Gabbana, Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Valentino, and a lot more! I bought a Marc Jacobs Sophia in Peacock Blue, Pucci wallet, and Kate Spade clutches from TJMaxx. It's always a hit or miss, but I have definitely found some amazing things there!
  8. I cant wait for mine to open and see what they have for sale
  9. Which TJMaxx did you find all those things at (esp the MJ sophia!)? If you don't mind my asking, how much was the MJ sophia? Sometimes I find things that aren't priced all that great (i.e., Coach - you can usually get them lower at their outlet store). I agree that it's a hit or miss.
  10. Cole Haan leather jacket, Versace belt, Marc Jacobs bag (ret.1195 for 190), Cole Haan bag (ret.375 for 100), lots of Dooney. I saw a bunch of Versus bags, and couldn't figure out why they were so expensive, then I found out that's a line by Versace. I saw a beautiful Andrew Marc for 250, a big Isabella Fiore, all kinds of cool stuff (this of course is spread around in several different stores). We just got some Juicy clogs that were marked down from 200 to 50. Oh yeah, I got Dolce & Gabbana sunnies for 17. What's weird is that you'll go in one day, then a couple days later find things that have been marked down that were never there in the first place. This has happened a couple of times to us. I'm thinking they must move their merchandise around from store to store.

    Of course, the big problem with finding all these bargains is that now I'm spoiled -- I don't think it's a good deal unless it's at least half off, and I find more and more that I'm looking for those 70 - 80% off deals.
  11. I found those designers at the TJMaxx near Galleria Mall in Houston, TX. It has a "runway" section with high-end designer clothes like Vera Wang, Prada, D&G, etc. I think the Marc Jacobs was about $300-400. I was in utter disbelief when I saw it! Here's a bad pic of it:

  12. I saw a bunch of Versus stuff today too, but didn't really pay attention to it. I had no idea it was by Versace. What I saw I didn't really care for anyhow. Yea, I found out (the hard way), that smaller stores consolidate by sending out their stuff to the larger stores once it gets clearanced. That's why you can find sale stuff that was never full price (at that store).

    Just curious - where's your TJMaxx?
  13. That's a GREAT find! Good for you!!! I've never seen Prada at TJMaxx/Marshall's but the Filene's Basement downtown (Chicago) has a case full of Prada.
  14. So when I found nothing at the Isabella Fiore sample sale this morning, I decided I was going to hunt down a deal, so visited 4 Marshalls 3 TJ Maxx and a Nordstrom Rack. I found a Kenzar sweater for 20 bucks, but I saw a lot of Andrew Marcs, Michales Kors and Cynthia Rowley. The bf got a Cole Haan leather jacket for 120 orig 250, a Diesel watch for 50 orig 150, 3 RL polos, a Perri Ellis dress shirt.
    In the last two weeks I bought a Cynthia Rowley bag for 220, orig 495 at Marshalls and a Marc Jacobs for 120 orig 300. I love these two stores.
  15. wow you stumbled upon awesome deals! the only thing i was excited about was when i found true religion hoodies for $60 bucks at marshalls! lol