Marshalls/TJ Maxx

  1. Does anyone have a really good one in there area?

    There is no Coach store around here and the outlet is a haul to get to. Yet Coach is VERY popular here so stuff flies out of our Marshalls and TJs. Marshalls in particular gets good footwear.

    Last week they had Jayme signature sneakers, a few different prints of Barrets, the Kasey flip flips in the poppy print, those jelly flips with the big bow on the front, the Maris meshy ones in blue, and a couple of high tops styles on the clearance shelves.

    On my way out the door I noticed a big pile of rainboots near clearance, looked to be coach and Juicy Couture all mixed together but hubs was pretty impatient by then so we just left!

    No handbags or sunnies but I found a wallet once and 2 handbags and wristlet at TJs, all leather. I am really hoping for sunglasses soon, I need new ones.

    Anyone else get a lot of Coach in their Marshalls or TJs? I am making the rounds tomorrow evening so I'll post if anything exciting comes up.
  2. our marshalls has a big footwear department and they always have something coach in shoes. tj maxx is hit or miss, they'll have one style of coach shoe and a lot of them...then just a couple of days later they will all be gone.

    a few weeks ago i found coach sunglasses at tj maxx.

    neither one ever has coach bags....if they do i have never seen them. coach is very very popular here-the signature most of all. i think if they do get a coach bag the employees would buy it first.
  3. Yes Coach siggy is popular here too... to the point where I've seen girls go crazy over really bad fakes, yet totally ignore a beautiful leather piece of art. But sometimes you get lucky, like you said, hit or miss...

    I'm really on the prowl for sunnies this season, I have gotten both D&G and Gucci at TJs before...
  4. I've seen Coach purses a couple of times at TJMaxx (patent leather tophandles, both times) but more often at Marshall's. They were always priced at 50% off the retail tag, unless on clearance. I figured, at that price, might as well just hit the outlets for deletes.. but this was way before the new pricing system, so my computations factored in the extra ~30% off coupon.
  5. I was just going to post about seeing coach at Marshalls today! In the past I've seen bags, & they always have shoes. Last week they had sunnies & cases (sold separately).

    Here's why I was going to post today....

    Earlier this week, when I checked out the shoe sale I fell in love with tattersall sneakers. I didn't purchase them mostly b/c I wasn't sure about sizing. Today I saw the exact same pair at Marshalls for $59 (same as price). When I tried them on I didn't love them as much as I did on the website, so I didn't purchase them. But it was a surprise to see them there. Oh...and they did run very small. I'm usually a 7.5 or 8 depending on the shoe. The 8 was tight & they didn't have an 8.5. The pair I tried on was a 9!
  6. that's them lol! They looked like they would be really cute on...
  7. I find Coach shoes sizes are all over the place
  8. My marshalls and tjmaxx get a good bit of coach sneekers and very few sandals and flipflops. I find that it is cheaper to get coach bag at the outlet than at marshalls/tjmaxx, which i hardly see at my marshalls/tjmaxx. I did find a large leather coach wristlet a few years ago at tjmaxx for $25. I found some coach sneekers at Ross, they have been getting coach sneekers more often lately.
  9. I have a TjMAxx and Marshalls where I live. At Marshalls i can always find a wide variety of shoes and there are usually a few pairs of sunglasses to pick over. During the spring and summer months they will have handbags as well. The TjMaxx is a hit or miss, hardly no shoes but there might be a pair of sunglasses.
  10. TJ Maxx stores I've been to locally have had sunglasses (priced around $50, no case), some shoes (mostly sneakers, usually a couple of styles) and a few watches (plastic or leather bands, no metal ones), but I've yet to see a bag. I occasionally see a bag in the Atlanta area stores when I visit relatives there. You have to be careful with the sunglasses, as many of them have been handled a lot and sometimes they have bad scratches.