Marshalls Thread.....

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  1. im going to florida nxt month
    any bargain stores there?
    pls let me know./.id like to go on an adventure..bargain hunting!!!
  2. I bought the most beautiful Beverly Feldman bag from TJ's on clearance yesterday for $100 bucks!! I didn't need it but I had to have it!!!!!!!
  3. Loehmann's in Pasadena is pretty nice..they have Fendi bags there.
  4. I got a pair of Joe's jeans for $45.00 and a Michael Kors pantsuit for $80.00. Coach Hillory Pumps for $119.00
  5. I've started to see lots of different styles of Coach & Cole Haan shoes popping up in Marshals in NY. Also many Dooney & Burke bags, most discounted.
  6. i left work early just to check it out since i saw so many rave reviews. They had crappy old looking bags (non premium/designer) nothing of interest to me. Dam, i was really hoping for a steal too.
  7. Richmond, VA area Marshalls- out in Innsbrook area. Gucci "Buckle" sunglasses- dark purple frames, in great shape- $80. Go get 'um!
  8. Got 3 pairs of Sass&Bide Frayed misfits for $39 each at Marshall's...they were in the clearance rack! :nuts:

    I also got this cute Karl Lagerfeld dress from TJ Maxx earlier this week for $60...
  9. Marshalls here had Uggs, Frye Lace Ups, Lots of MK shoes, some Luciano Pavodan on clearance for under 200

    TJMaxx here had Uggs, Fryes, and MKs
    Bags: Lots of Juicy, Lots of Dooney, Coach, Michael Kors Um there are about two PREMIUM designers I'm forgetting I wanna say Bvlgari and I dunno about the nd one
  10. I cannot believe you all find such great deals at your Marshalls. I have never found ANYTHING there. Granted I have only stopped in a few times, but I only come across small stupid Dooney & Coach bags that they literally sell everyware.
    My TJMaxx is the same, although it does OCCASIONALLY get some good stuff (Antik Denim, Ed Hardy, Paper Denim, Ugg, Michael Kors) the sizes are ALWAYS 2XL and no luck for me =(
  11. I always see SFAMK and True Religion Jeans but NEVER in my size. Also they have a lot of juicy stuff in my marshalls, something their pricees are more expensive than Saks Off fifth, WTF!!
  12. i live very close to a tjmaxx, which has very limited designer clothing selection, but a fantastic jewelry section. unlike their clothing, which they get from dept stores, their jewelry is purchased from dealers all over the world, i.e. israel, thailand, etc. so you often get better quality stuff than you would at your average fine jewelry retailer. lately i've been collecting cocktail rings and have picked up some amazing pieces for excellent prices. for example:

    - graduated beaded onyx necklace $99
    - graduated beaded carved jade necklace $199
    - 6+ carat emerald cut green amethyst cocktail ring set in 14k white gold $139
    - 3-stone mystic topaz ring set in 14k gold (total 5 carats) $149
    - HUGE (13+ carat?) green amethyst cocktail ring set in 14k fold $160 (clearance)

    the quality is very good on these pieces - i'd say better than if you were to purchase off the web at certain bargain sites like