Marshalls Thread.....

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  1. I've lifted plenty of ink stains by applying rubbing alcohol with a q tip...just dab at it, and you need very little. Hope this helps!
  2. Die hard Marchalls fan here! I hit 3 stores once a week looking for the deals:
    I found last week:
    The SAk HAndbag marked $75 down to $5
    Stone Mountain bags ALL were $10 (bought them all!) retail for hose bags were $150.
    Michael Kors skirt $3
    SOme type of shoes from Italy $10
    Merrell shoes for my little girl $5
    Polo shirts for my boy $3
    Le Sportdesac bags $10
    CAn't wait till next week!!!
  3. I've heard stories about people getting fake R&R jeans from TJ Maxx and Marshalls lately! Be careful, just because your getting them from a real store evidently doesn't mean that they are real!
  4. I love, love, love Marshalls and TJ Maxx. I recently purchased Cole Haan sandals for $5.00 and Lucky Jeans for $10.
  5. $40?? Ouch. I am finding stuff at Macy's for less than that. All my Franco Sarto or Ann Klein from Macy's are like 16-19 bucks. Current year, not last year stock
  6. I found a pair of J Brand jeans for 34 bucks today at my Marshalls.
  7. I think she meant the original price at Marshall was $40 (not the clearance). She might have paid only $4 for that shoes after red and yellow stickers on it.
  8. Heads up --- Marc Jacobs splashes were popping up. I found Ivy and Amber (which is weird because it just came out for this season).

    And BTW, I once got a pair of Antik Batik cords for $25. My best bargain ever was a Dolce & Gabbana silk pants suit from Filenes for $117.

  9. What are Marc Jacobs splashes?
  10. Marc Jacob "Splashes" are fragrances.
  11. Downey - really? Every time I"m there the store is a mess and picked over. Maybe I just need to go during the weekdays/early mornings and not after work.

    The La Canada store is a TJ Maxx. It's one of the only local TJM stores with a Runway section. There might be a new one on the westside (WestLA).
  12. I just bought a TON of too-faced make up for $3 from Marshalls! And I've seen a lot of philosophy soaps there too lately!

  13. It might be returns, people that buy authentic ones and return fakes, believe or not some people does that :wtf:.
  14. Oh, I see ;) I kinda thought that was a bit high initially.
  15. They have Prada skincare products, too (I think the prices were mask $25/night cream $30 or $35/eye cream $25 or $30). I would have bought them if I hadn't gone through skin troubles this summer with peter thomas roth and clarins products I've purchased from Marshalls.