Marshalls Thread.....

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  1. I saw a bunch of Rock & Republics recently at a local Marshalls. They are all "irregulars" and priced between 59-99 bucks. They had lots of shipments like this earlier this year and I guess they are doing it again? Watch out though, I saw fake SFAMs the same day :yucky:!
  2. I usually don't shop there but popped in today.

    I saw an Isabella Fiore Bag for $150 which retails for $395. I also saw a Furla bag for $150--it was very large, deep red maroon color, all leather. Lots of BCBG clothes

    You can definitely find stuff if you look!
  3. You guys are lucky because both of these stores where I live are the pits...I hate going into each of these because I have such high hopes and always leave with a Nautica umbrella...if anyone know of a good store in Maryland, please let me know!
  4. Yes I definitely think it depends on the store.

    Also, I think it depends when they get stock. Today they seem to have an incredible amount of merchandise. Sometimes I have gone in and it was pretty lousy.
  5. I just saw several Michael Kors bags ranging from $129-179. They were very nice. Also saw some VB rock & republic jeans, lots of Free People & Lucky clothing & even Theory. They must have gotten a shipment today b/c there were tons of new stuff.
  6. Hmm...You guys should probably read my thread on Marshalls in the Chat section before shopping here again.
  7. anyone know any good marshalls, tjmaxx, loehmanns...etc in south cali? all the ones around my house dont have anything good...could def use some recommendations!
  8. I used to love tjmaxx and marshall but with their customer service issues, I try not to shop there. But it is true that their prices are irresistible.
  9. Eh, I just make sure I really want what I'm buying and that there isn't anything wrong with it. That way, I never have to deal with their customer service. My Marshalls yesterday had a ton of Michael Kors bags, dooney, and a bunch of coach. I bought a gorgeous Timbuk2 mini messenger for $15!!! Also a laptop case lined in cord for $10.
  10. You ladies are lucky- I've never seen high-level designers at any of the above mentioned stores in the men's section :sad:
  11. The Marshalls in Downey Landing and Pico Rivera have a good selection and the one in La CAnada but I cant remember if thats a TJ or Marshalls, which ever one has the Runway section.
  12. I've been finding some awesome shoes at Marshall's lately, at fantastic prices. My only complaint is that they write the prices on the bottoms of the shoes in ink, and it does not come off. So if I cross my legs in a meeting, everyone can see that my lovely Ann Klein pumps or Franco Sarto flats were $40. :weird:
  13. Sometimes nail polish remover works depending on the ink & sole type. Be very careful when doing this; a little goes a long way.
  14. wow thanks jaz, i think ill go check those out!
  15. Chanel4evr, that's a great idea! I'll try it today with a little on a Q-Tip. I mean, I'm thrilled to get a bargain, but I don't necessarily want the whole world to see it on the bottom of my shoe :P.