Marshalls Thread.....

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  2. I seen a pair of r&r jeans in marshalls today for $40 and juicy couture wedges for $60. My marshalls are hit and miss, you have to regularly in order to find the good stuff.
  3. There is absolutely NOTHING at the Marshalls near me. I don't even bother to go in there.
  4. The TJMaxx in Redwood City (CA) always has really great purses. I'm not so into name-brands purses so I'm unsure which brands they carry specifically, but they have lots of Italian made purses in super-soft leather. I've also seen lots of Coach bags there.
  5. I've only found a couple of things, but, this past weekend, I went to TJ Maxx and mine is starting to have the "runway" collections! I picked up a Prada shirt for 20 dolalrs, but, upon further inspection, it had a small hole on it so I put it back...same w/ a D&G skirt. It was org 300, marked down to 50 and I bought it only to get it home and the zipper was broken!! Soooo upset! They had a TON of Marc Jacobs bags, but nothing I was looking for... :sad: Plan on going back in another week or so...:biggrin: THey also has a LOT of Pucci stuff!
  6. Well, I went to Loehmann's for the first time today. I bought 2 missoni cotton scarfs for $21.40 total. They had a deal of 2 for $20.

    TJ Maxx, I usually find my Ralph Lauren polos, coach handbags, designer sunglasses and a few scarfs.

    Marshalls, I usually buy my Michael Kors stuff there and sometimes a nice handbag once in a while.

    Ross, I usually look for ralph lauren on discount and sometimes name brand shoes like steve madden and polo.
  7. Going to Marshalls today!!!!! I'll post anything good. Wish me luck, I'm going in.....
  8. I used to hate Marshall's as a kid with my mom, but ahhhh, the more I read this post, the more I feel like I have to go more often!
  9. I'm going to check them out today. Got a 10% off coupon by opening a TJMaxx CC.
  10. wow im happy this thread was made. I got to marshalls and tjmaxx once a week after my classes.:P Im going to list some sweet deals I got so far...
    1. DKNY skirt cost $300 I got it for $15
    2. 7 for all mankind jeans $35
    3. Micheal kors bag cost $500 I got it for $99!!
    4. Coach sling $35
    5. juicy couture capris On sale $
    I love Marshalls & Tjmaxx
  11. coco, which marshalls and tjmaxx did you go to? I went to the one in Queens because of the temptation from this thread and it was absolutely disappointing.
  12. Great job!!!:tup: Isn't it a thrill finding those wonderful treasures. For me it is like a challenge and when I find something I'm blown away by the price, style, etc.:wtf: When I go to a department store I EXPECT to find something and so I'm not impressed when I do.:search: I like the excitement of the "chase".
    I didn't go the other day like I said. Instead went to Nords. and eyeballed all the wonderful bags....:yes:
  13. The one in Queens is awful! You're better off going into Long Island (rarely do I suggest doing that :P), there's a better selection there.

  14. I went to one in staten island, and when I was down in florida I went to one in brandon. Yeah some stores will have nothing, but some will have a lot.:yahoo:
  15. Thanxx, yeah I like geting my designer items at a bargin. I rarely ever get them at full price unless its a must have!!. If I get it at full price and then it goes on sale I will be very upset..Lol