Marshalls Thread.....

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  1. Juicy jeans for 40 bucks.
  2. LOL!! I have this mental picture of a garden hose and someone squating down by the side of a car by the gastank and..."but officer...they have GUCCI today at TJ Maxx.. do you think I can I post bail by 8:30 p.m.?? They close at 9:00 and well, you know how traffic is!"
  3. whats the best marshalls/tjmaxx in san jose? was thinking of driving over the 17 for a change of scenery and some bargain shopping!
  4. Yes, can you imagine. Actually, this is funny..... my older brother tried this many years ago, when he was a reckless teen, he tried to syphon gas and ended up drinking some. This would probably happen to me....:nogood:
  5. The TJMaxx off Great America Parkway in Sunnyvale (or Santa Clara) has a lot of brand name accessories -- Versace, Dior, Coach, D& B, D&G. But it's a hit or miss. The Marshalls on Stevens Creek off 280/Lawrence has brand name clothings -- Theory, Ralph Lauren, Tahari, Laundry...
  6. i went to the marshalls at jersey gardens and found a few d&b purses... most of which were the rainbow colored ones (sorry, dunno what they're called).. one of em was marked $99.99 from $258..

    i'm sure i could have found awesome deals on shoes but that place was a wreck!!! people really need to be more considerate and put the shoes back where they got them from and perhaps marshalls should have one person just working the shoe section...
  7. i wish the stores here in st. louis had great deals like that, but there aren't any designer items ;(
  8. I am in St. Louis too, after reading this thread I ran to Marshalls on Lindbergh - nothing!!!! Oh well, back to Frontenac....
  9. I love love love TJ Maxx. We find all kinds of things there, nice jewelry, shoes, bags. Found a beautiful aqua leather Cole Haan jacket for my daughter for 112, it's 600-700 retail. I never seem to find anything at Marshall's, though. But I still go because you never know! :yes:
  10. I sometimes visit TJ Maxx too but look carefully when you find great deals. Just the other day while at TJ Maxx, I found a pair of BCBG open toe pumps for $29.99 and loved it. While I was waiting in line to pay, I noticed that the bottom of the shoes showed different mate. One said 5 1/2 and the other said 6 but they both had this 5 1/2 sticker inside the shoe. I ended up not getting it and that was the last pair. I felt like they just stuck the 5 1/2 sticker on to get rid of it. I'm just glad I examined it before paying for it.
  11. Was able to score a Coach Hamptons black sateen diaper bag today at TJ Maxx (Dublin, Ca). They also had a pink Marc Jacobs Hobo (don't know the name), some Cole Haans, and a Coach Medium leather duffle. I only purchased the Coach diaper bag and a small Hobo International clutch. As for clothing, they had nothing!

  12. I used to go to these stores all the time but usually only came across a great item probably about 1/5 times. I have found seven for all mankind at tj's for $80 and tons of calvin klein bikinis for $30 at marshalls. Loehmanns- I do have better luck in the clothing and bag department.
  13. I've caught sssssoooo many deals at Filene's Basement, TJ Maxx, & Ross but my best deal EVER was from Marshalls. I found a pair of Pink Python Gucci Pumps that were marked for $100 (origanally priced at $349) & fell in love:drool:! After a little flirtation :graucho: with an employee handling a price-gun, I ended up getting the Gucci pumps for $60!!!!!! :yahoo:
  14. I found that they are hit and miss and the ones by me are going down the toilet :sad:
  15. I got a pair of 7 all mankinds Jean skirt at Macy's for $24. That's my best steal ever! Thanks for the post. I guess I will need to shop at Marshall more often.