Marshalls Thread.....

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  1. I once asked the SA why they did that and she said it's because many people who shop there like to do bait and switch (switch tags, etc) and by marking the prices onto the bag, they can prevent it from happening. But now that someone mentioned they are not suppose to do that, I think I'll just have to speak to the store manager next time.
  2. Marshalls in Novato now carries 7 for all mankind, I purchased a white pair of capris for $49.00
  3. Wow! I'm really amazed by all your great findings. I need to look harder when I hit these stores. I could never find deals like what you're all finding. Bumper! :amazed:
  4. true story, my sister bought the extra large double zip chloe paddington in chocolate brown for $1200 at loehmanns...where it was originally $2100....

    loehmann's is the best b/c you can combine so many coupons...and if it's your bday you get an extra 10% (or 15%) off.....

    we got this at the loehmann's in manhattan last month..the one on upper west side...
  5. yeah i like shopping there, you have to look hard sometimes but they have good deals at max and marshalls
  6. I don't know where y'all live, but the ones around Fort Worth are pretty crappy--wish there was a better selection of designer goods at the ones near me.
  7. Absolutely! Tell the manager you're going to call corporate. It's just sheer laziness on the managers part by not properly training their Customer Service Coordinators on returns. They have category books that will tell the "returns" person what the item (returned) should be that totally negates any reason for them writing on the bags. It's just bull*&^%. And if you find one, you can tell the manager you want a discount, since the bag has been damaged. I can guarantee you they are not suppose to write on anything, except the bottom of shoes, and they're suppose to do it in a very inconspicuous place.
  8. i got my T3 hair dryer @ Marshalls for $29 - i swear i dont think anyone could be more excited about a hair dryer then i was at that moment!! - lol

    also a bunch of Peter Thomas Roth products for like $10 or less each

    7 for all mankind jeans for $49

    BCBG bathing suit for $39

    i've found tons of bargains @ Marshalls and TJ Maxx - but i do go in there alot and times i do leave with nothing as well - its usually 50/50 - and i have about 3 different stores in my area i go to
  9. I miss Filene's Basement in Boston, when I worked downtown I went through the store to get to the Subway, even though I didn't have to, lol. It was so much fun.
  10. alll you MA ppl what is your favorite marshalls / TJ to go to? I personally love the cambridge ALEWIFE / FRESHPOND one. what department stores do you do best at??
  11. But be glad you aren't there now, the Filene's current state would make you cry. It's in the basement (not so haha) only and it's cramped and disorganized. Not a fun experience. Still can find a lot of great accessories, not a great handbag selection last couple times I went. :tdown:
  12. wow.. i feel ripped off!!! a tjmaxx just opened about 3 blocks from my house... i've peeked there a few times... a lot of dirt cheap clothes... didn't really recognize most of the designers....

    then again, it's fairly small and new... maybe in a couple of months the inventory will improve... guess i'll have to check everyday :smile:
  13. You definately have to check back at least 2-3 times a week. But, if you ask a SA they can tell you when new things are put out on the floor.
    I know that stores in different locations carry different items, depending on demographics. Check around at other near-by chains, you'll be surprised at what you can find....;)
  14. Talking about surprises, I went to TJMaxx yesterday and saw a Gucci paved diamond watch for $999! I'm still in sticker-shock :wtf: WOW They also have a Dior watch on sale for $800.
  15. Ok, THAT's NUTS! I am going to go syphon some gas into my car and find a TJMAXX. lol, but you think I'm kidding......:P:graucho: