Marshalls Thread.....

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  1. I thought that maybe we can post the great finds that we have come across at these discount chain stores (that I love). Marshalls has a ton of Dooney & Bourke and some Coach bags there. All for under $200. I've also found some FINE Italian made bags, that were still expensive at $199+ already marked down......:nuts:
    What have you found???
  2. I know it is not Marshalls but I found a pair of Rock and Republic jeans for $24.99 at TJMAXX.
  3. I was about to say my nearest TJMaxx carries lots of Bvlgari, Juicy, Coach, Dooney, Michael ors... then there's one nearby that ha that whole Runwaya t the Maxx section with the premier designers...
  4. Forgot to mention I was in a Marshalls last week and they had loads of Prada and Costume National on sale. Some Paige denim and SFAM jeans on sale too.

  5. I love all those stores. Yes add those too, I love hearing about outrageous finds like these. It's not quite the same when you go to Nordstroms Rack, etc, because you kinda expect great designers their.

    The Rock and Republic Jeans are a steal at that price!!! I bought a pair of Joes Jeans on eBay for $100, when I got them I say that on the inside label were the numbers "39" in black ink!!!!!, un-doubtably from TJMaxx or Marshalls, etc, since they write the price in ink on the good stuff, have you noticed?

    Look on any of your "good" handbags from one of these stores and most likely you will find some numbers in ink, which is actually their price for the item.

  6. :nuts::nuts:WHAT?!? I am sooooo glad I do not live near that much temptation!!!!!

    I've also seen Michael Kors and Cole Haan.
  7. Yup, I don't know why they did that but it drives me crazy sometimes. Some markings are pretty minute and hidden in back wall zippered pockets but some are at your face right below the zippers on white linings!
  8. yeah, ive seen kate spade recently at marshalls! Also bought my juicy couture bags for like 60-70% off at marshalls! Also picked up a pair of michael kors sandals for only 50 bucks!
  9. the best for sure is loehmanns, if you have one. some of my all-time best deals have been purchased there!

    funny tj maxx story: this happened sort of near the start of the designer-jean craze. i was in my smallish hometown and i found a pair of blue cults for $80. i was psyched, and they looked great, but my mom was chatting about how expensive they were at the checkout. everyone turned to look at me and starting saying, "$80 for JEANS?!" the cashier was like, "these are the most expensive jeans we've ever sold."

  10. I love Marshall's and especially TJMaxx. If you take the time to really weed through the racks you can find some great things at dirt cheap prices. I've found the stock really varies from store to store. Always check the clearance racks too. I found a pair of Joie pants for $7, Cute little Coach bags (and I checked authenticity with Coach), beautiful Ralph Lauren dresses, Adrienne Vittadini leather pants, Coach wedges, the list goes on and on........... And never forget the delicious shower gels, body creams, etc. they always have a ton of. TJMaxx has jewelry too.
  11. Yup! These stores can be AWESOME! Lately ours have been flooded w/ PUCCI, some Prada, always D&B & Coach, even Bulgari. Via Spiga, Cole Haan, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, even Lalique!

    Many moons ago I got two nylon PRADA bags (authenticity checked) for $30 each! I think this was before the people who price these goods got wind of what these items actually cost!

    I spent $79 on a pair of Bally leather heels that were originally $500+.

    Also, in Massachusetts (not sure if any other states do) we have Filene's Basement-OMG! Everything that doesn't sell at final clearance at NM< BG Saks, the actual boutique, high end boutiques goes there. Let's just say I could hyperventilate! The original one in Boston is the best. I have seen UNBELIAVABLE deals. Years ago I got a $2100 Jean Paul Gaultier Jacket for $99. The best place on earth!
  12. I hate that too! Especially when you pay more than the darn ink says!!! I did this on eBay.:sad:
  13. The bath and body stuff at TJ Maxx and Marshalls is AWESOME. They have the best soap and body scrubs and shower gels. I like the stuff better there than at Bath n Body, etc. Especially if you like coconut, pineapple, orange, and lots of fruitty scents. I snapped up some coconut shower get for $3.00 a bottle that was made in Italy and it was divine!
    Also, FYI, they are NOT suppose to write on the bags or clothing, just the shoes. You can complain to the manager if they are doing it. That p*&^%$# me off! Writing on the bags like that. That's a big NO NO.
  14. Last time I got a Theory all silk dress for $70, iin which the tag says $395. What a steal! :heart: them.

  15. Thanks for that advice! I didn't know they were not suppose to mark on bags or clothes. It does make them look awful! I've bought a few nice bags at Marshalls and almost all of them had ink prices on them. :wtf: I figured this was the penalty for getting such a GREAT deal..... maybe we can now ask for a discount if we find ink marks........:confused1: