Marshalls Shopping

  1. Most of us on this site are major shopaholics ..
    I will admit I am terrible and may soon need an intervention..
    I thought I'd share some good cheap finds with you..
    On my lunch break I frequent the local Marshalls and Ross'.
    A few months back I found the CHANEL 5080b's Denise Richards sunnys for $59.99 in brown. I don't care for them on me, but I could not pass it up. I still have them for a rainey day. They also had some D&G sunnies- not my style and some Juicy Couture sunnies- not my style.. I maintened some self control- never been able to pass up a good deal.. lol. however I have been in there everyweek on a regular hoping to bump into another pair... lol
    I've bought Juicy Jeans, Charles David open toed heels TDF. Vertigo Sweatsuits... I even bought a pair of CHIC and PEPPER jeans on the clearance for $24.99 and the same style still sells for $172 or something like that and they fit GREAT. I have a ball just cruising the isles for my hour....
    Ross has some great desinger dudes for great prices.
    If you have a local Marshalls near you I suggest you check them out for some classic steals..
    My questions is though... how was the chanel sunnies- 5080B always sold out in stores and Marshalls had a pair LOL. the lady would not let me walk around the store in them .. and she said she would hold them until I was done.. another lady asked to see them.. and i purchased them right away and put them in my ourse... lol:upsidedown::lol::upsidedown::lol::upsidedown::lol::upsidedown::flowers:
    have any of you ever had the luck of bumping into some good deals..
  2. awesome deals! i never have any kind of luck at places like marshalls, tjmaxx or loehmans or anything! actually I found a pair of Juicy sweatpants for $25, hmm I usually try to get to the store every once in a while to see if my luck has changed, but so far it hasnt. but congrats!!
  3. I haven't ever been to these stores, (I'm fairly new to the states) but I may have to check them out! lol Sounds like you scored some good deals!!
  4. i never have any luck at marshalls, tj maxx, ross, Nordstrom rack, ect. i always try going back but end up getting bored out of my life
  5. It depends what kind of Marchalls/TJMaxx are in your area. Here, where I live, there is nothing to look at in those stores, only kitchenware.
    My gf though, she lives in WI, bought Prada coat in her local Marchall's like a week ago.
  6. wow prada coat.. i know she was in heaven... lol

    lucywife.. i am in md/dc/va area.... you not to far...
    do you ever goto that Neimans last call ???
  7. addisonshopper Not yet, I plan to go the week after next.
  8. ok let me know what you find.. i want to make a trip that way.need to finally make it to woodberry commons...i know its in jersey, but one trip will do for all
  9. ok :rolleyes:
  10. I like marshalls better than Ross.
  11. I've found some pretty good stuff at marshalls, tj maxx, ross and Nordstrom rack, but, so far, nothing absolutely great. I wish I had better luck!! I think my fav. find was when I needed an ipod case and I just happed to be looking in Nordstrom rack, and they had the juicy couture one I wanted for 30 bucks! best find yet :smile:
  12. lucky! my marshalls/tj maxx sucks.
  13. I love Marshalls and TJ Maxx, Loehmanns is great too. I do find that you have to try the clothing on, because many times the sizes are not true to size. I always find nice Ralph Lauren shirts for my son and husband. But I do great at Syms for them with Ralph Lauren. I don't shop as much as I would like to in these stores but I know from past experience if you keep digging there are bargins to be found.
  14. I work at one and its amzing haha. Youd be suprised of the things that they sell and how low the prices are. Plus New things are always comming in.
  15. I have bought gucci shades, armani shades, dooney handbags, coach handbags, rafe' handbags, michael kors shirts and sweaters, tory burch shirt and more...I love tjmaxx and marshalls. I have been looking for chanel shades but never find any at my local ones. I have seen really nice gucci watches their on sale lately.
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