Marshalls Return Policy

  1. I went a Marshalls in Symrna, GA to return $10 Ted Baker T-shirt which I bought in a different Marshalls. A cashier and her manager at the Marshalls refused to take the return because THEY DO NOT REGOGNIZE THE BRAND.

    The same manager actually gave me troubles a few months ago when I wanted to return an item that I bought from HIS store (not from a different store). It was $29 Hudson jeans and he said "$29 is too expensive for a pair of jeans and I've never heard of the brand. Where did you buy it?" with his store tag and receipt in his hands. I was speechless because it was obvious that he was assuming that I was doing something wrong (switching a tag and an item???). I was able to return the item after waiting for 30 minutes for him to verify with someone else on the phone.

    For this particular store, employees do not treat their customers nicely anyway and whenever someone comes for return, they make customers feel uncomfortable. But if a manager himself treats their customers with an assumption that customers are doing something wrong, then his employees will exactly behave just like him.

    I was trying to tell the manager that (1) they should treat their customers nicer and (2) they should not make customers feel that customers are doing something wrong because people will stop shopping in his store, share these unpleasant experiences online, and more people stop shopping in his store, eventually huring his store and Marshalls. His reply was "you can do whatever you want. You can share this on the internet."
    At that point I had to stop my conversation saying that (1) there are doctors, lawyers, and professors (like myself) among your customers, (2) he should respect all the customers in the store, and (3) whether or not taking my advices, it is his decision but eventually it will get back to him if he does not realize importance of customer service.

    These experiences completely pissed me off. First of all, their customer services are bad. Moreover, isn't it illegal to refuse returns from customers with tags on items and receipts when return policies read that customers can return merchandises to any Marshalls store within 30 days? I don't see their return policy saying "An item may not be returnable to a particular store if a cashier or a manager in the store does not regonize the brand.".

    I wonder if this problem is limited to one particular store and manager. Is there anyone who had gone through similar experiences with Marshalls?
  2. ^Hoooo boy, lemme tell you, Marshalls customer service sucks! It doesnt even suck, it is beyond terrible.
  3. Wow, that's crazy..there are so many things wrong with what you described. That manager sounds like the soup nazi! I hopeyou don't give them any more of your business or your time.
  4. I've never had a problem with Marshalls customer service, minus the long lines. Overall, I think most people don't really go to Marshalls for CS. They do it mostly for price. I don't mean to be rude, but if you had already had one bad experience, why did you go back?
  5. omg, totally right on with your rant. i had experienced the same problem. i had purchased a pair of shoes and decided i didn't want them. i tried to return them at a different marshalls (this one much closer to my house) and wasn't able to since they didn't carry it and were unable to identify it. i tried a different one while i was in another part of town and the same thing happened. so, naturally i went to the original purchase point. i had a small problem there- they had to do a price check and all and make sure that they carried it (which they still had, in fact they had at least 10 pairs!). at least i was able to return them. marshalls really does have ****ty service. so much for their "shop on" tactics...
  6. Huong, during the hudson incident, I was told that they had to go through this price check for any "expensive" (of course, in their perception) merchandise. After this incident, I of course stopped going to the store and shopped a different Marshalls. This time I went this problematic store just to return a t-shirt from a different Marshalls because the store was on the way home. As $10 is not in the "expensive" category, I didn't expect any troubles.
  7. Also, what we expect is a fair and fast return service, period. That is the very minimum level of CS (which is also provided in WalMart and Target). If a store is not going to take returns from its own store or from other stores because they do not recognize a brand name, then they should state it clearly on their return policy.

    Just imagine a worst case. What if you bought a $300 bag from a Marshalls in San Diego while traveling and wanted to return it to a store in Atlanta? What if they told you that they didn't regonize the brand name and couldn't verify it either? Would you fly back to San Diego just to return the bag?
  8. I completely and totally agree!!!!
  9. I'm not sure about Marshall's, but I know with TJ Maxx, they have some sort of 'inventory' or 'product brand' list. I've watched them scanning through the list to make sure the Coach bag I was returning was on the list. Same thing when I tried to return brand name jeans. But I totally agree that we should be able to return things with tags still attached and receipt, without being questioned. If they're not familiar with the brands, then it's management's fault or they're just too lazy!:yucky:
  10. Okay. Some updates. Talked to a CS representative (1-888-Marshalls) and a woman at the regional district office. They both said that Marshalls return policy states that

    one can return an item with original receipt and original tag on it within 30 days but SOME RESTRICTIONS MAY APPLY.

    So basically a store can refuse to take returns for certain items depending on a manager's decision and this will fall into the category of "some restrictions".
    I encountered "not familiar brand name" policy and someone else encountered "no return for over $79.99 items" (see the link):

    They admitted that stores are over guard due to customer abuse.
    Both ladies were nice and willing to listen. I told them these exceptions on retuns should be clearly stated and they can not assume that all the customers returning items are bad citizens (Imagine your professor in a college assumes that all the students in his/her class are cheaters). They agreed but I am not sure if they would fix this problem.

    CS is a blade of a knife. In NM case, they bascially accept any returns and this casues some customers receiving a used item. But they fix it quickly by sending fedex to pick up the item if it happens. In Marshalls case, they basically do not want to accept returns causing good customers' frustrations.
  11. I know for a fact that I've seen fake Coach bags on the rack there and I can only guess that they came from customer returns. Maybe that's what they are afraid of? But even so, they have no right to simply assume you are one of those kind of customers. The responsibility still lies in the store to accept returns and determine whether the item is real or not and such. But I guess sometimes we have to put up with certain things for paying a cheaper price unfortunately. :sad: