Marshall's Find!

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  1. I just moved to Pittsburgh a week ago so I had some time to explore today before classes start tomorrow so I went down to the Waterfront in search of boots at DSW (which I came out empty-handed). However, I strolled into Marshall's and found a pair of Marc Jacobs sunglasses for... $12.99!!!!! It absolutely made my day. Just thought I'd share with everyone. Nothing good in the purse department, only real designer ones were D&B.
  2. wow grats! there is a marshalls here n i pop in there every so often . it proves you never know what youll find.:yes:
  3. Saw an Emporio Armani jacket the other day at Marshall's for $250! I was SHOCKED.
  4. post pictures pleeeaaaaaseeeee
  5. Here are pics of the glasses, they aren't the best because I'm taking them with my phone because I haven't gotten a new camera yet.
    glasses1.jpg glasses2.jpg glasses3.jpg
  6. I just bought a 159. Juicy long hoodie for 49.99 at Marshalls and I scored a $598. Elie Tahari jacket for $140. I couldn't believe it!
  7. great deal! love it! very pretty!
  8. Those sunglasses are sweet for $13!! Congrats!
  9. wow! they are so cute! they look like the wayfarers :smile: great find!
  10. wow what a grrreat deal!
  11. Amazing Deal!!!! Congrats!!!
  12. great deal. I was at marshalls the other day and they had great prices on true religion jeans and juicy couture stuff.
  13. Everytime I go in Marshalls I feel like I'm going on a treasure! At first glance it doesn't look like they have anything good but after you start "digging" there's no telling what you'll find.
    I found a pair of guissepi Zanotti shoes there once!
  14. I went to Marshalls with my bf in search of bedsheets, but I ended up with more than I expected! I bought a cute Buffalo dress for $16 and a pair of J-brand skinny dark wash jeans for $60. I saw a bunch of Juicy, Paiges, Joes, RR, and True Religions...but none in my size :p
  15. You ladies have inspired me to go check out the Marshall's that just opened up in my town!