Marshalls Find, my first coach bag!

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  1. I stopped by Marshalls to look, because I'd heard they had them there as well, and I picked up this...


    $80. I'm excited.
  2. OOOO great deal!! Post modeling pics!! And won't be able to stop yourself from buying more Coach! :yes:
  3. For $80 that's great. I wish I had Marshalls in Canada but we have Winners instead. I know that certain Winners locations sells shoes but I don't think they sell bags there.
  4. wow that's a good find
  5. So cute!

    When I was at TJ Maxx this week I saw a small pebbled leather bag with a large dogleash clip on the front, it was brown or black, I don't recall which one. I also saw a large pebbled leather hobo in a pale seafoam color. That one was gorgeous and quite cheap though I don't recall the exact price. I was VERY tempted but I ended up buying a Coach wallet for $60 instead. You can find great deals at these places sometimes.
  6. what a great deal! Well done... I've seen those around, but they've been for much more than you paid! I love the color, and congrats!
  7. What a great deal! :tup: Welcome! Be prepared to be enabled to buy many many more Coaches!!!
  8. Congrats on your first coach bag! :tup:
  9. $80! Awesome! That is a great first bag!
  10. very nice, i love the color and the style !
  11. Great deal. I like the chocolate c's!
  12. Love the color and the bag. Yep if you are willing to check often and dig you can find some nice Coach at Marshall's and Maxx!
  13. Wow!!!! what a great deal!!! Congrats and welcome to TPF!!!!
  14. Great deal!! you won't be able to stop BUYING now
  15. Congrats on your first Coach bag! It's like tattoos though...once you get one, you don't want to stop! lol :yes: Enjoy! :biggrin: